Monday, October 05, 2009

Got a T-shirt Slogan?

The kids just finished a 2 week school break and began their last term of the year today. Typically, a post vacation blog would consist of photos and reports of all the fun things that took place during such a break. However due to all the Franzenfam sickness; ours was a bit different.

No visits to places like this…..

Too many visits to this place…..

Not a whole lot of this…..

A lot of this…….

Which got me back on the bandwagon of drinking more of this……

(I figure if I put my veggie juice in a nice glass it will taste better)

No “My mom went to ____(insert some exotic place) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt", t-shirts for the kids.

I did have an idea of a shirt though. How bout this....

“Got Swine Flu?”

I know a Great Physician

Could come in varying shades of pink…maybe even a big pig snout on the front.

Think it’ll sell?

If you were to encapsulate your last 2 weeks, what would your “t-shirt” slogan be?


nickernoodle said...

Our last two weeks have been rainy and dreary. Mine would be "I've seen better days" then on the back put a big SUN on it!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like your T-shirt idea - market it and it will sell!
I sure hope you didn't really have to use all that medicine. You are on the mend by the Great Healer.

Sohailah said...

you're too funny.

T-shirt front- on the road again

Back: I can totally wait to be on the road again