Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Bono yet Magnificent

There are times that I am in touch with my creative side however these times don’t usually coincide with my husband’s birthday. With this being a milestone birthday year for Rich the pressure was on.

Enter Bono, and the 360 Tour. The plan was perfect…I would be hailed as the coolest wife ever IF I could not only get Rich concert tickets but actually afford to get him there as well. I searched, I hoped, I prayed, I was even committed to eating PB&J for dinner for a year; after all this was In the Name of Love. However even Jiffy would not cut it….the cost would be a hefty one.

With Bono out of the picture, the special day encroaching and the daily facebook reminders of my failure due to all the status reports of people attending the concert…I still hadn’t found what I was looking for.

Alas, a unique experience we could do together and not leave us roaming the Streets that Have No Name….A Canopy Tour, In God’s Country.

Instead of pics with Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry

We got pics with Johannes, Tembisa, & Tepo….

Instead of crowd surfing; we air surfed…

Prayin’ I wouldn’t get Vertigo

Babe, it’ll be With or Without You

Definitely A line on this horizon

Fortunately it wasn’t Sunday, Bloody Sunday albeit a Beautiful Day

Not Bono yet simply Magnificent


Just Mom said...

screaming my lungs out because i'm totally afraid of heights*

(ok, i didn't scream. i just kind of shuddered.)

Lisa H said...

Looks like so much fun!

And you're too clever with all your song titles...I love it! :)

michelle said...

I did a little screaming too! I'm not a height fan either but once I calmed down it was really an enjoyable exp!

nickernoodle said...

YIKES! That is a bigger sacrifice than PB&J for a year. I did the zipline at camp and screamed the whole time! You are a very brave woman and I'm sure you guys had a blast!!! What a great way to spend his birthday!

Leah said...

Oh Michelle -you're putting me to shame! Ken wants to go soooo bad... and it could also be for his bday. I'm having a hard time THINKING about paying for tix.. if only we had some wires to string across the Golden Gate to hang off of.. then maybe I could come up with something more exciting then Bono. I think I'm going to lose this one though.

Rachel said...

I suppose it might be cruel to mention that several of my friends and family are at a U2 concert as I type. Then again, I am not there..for similar reasons as yours. You're idea was brillian anyway. :)

ps I did take one of your suggestions and take a little nap. :)

Sohailah said...

you are so cute - and brave. In the Name of Love.