Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bye Bye, Baby

Notice anything different about my “baby”…

No more Ci-Ci (pacifier)!

I know what you are thinking…"It is about time, she is almost 4." I know, I know but it was the last of the “baby things” and it was pretty fun to watch other people so bothered by Tori still having her pacifier..*gasp*, such awful parents.

She was definitely more ready than her parents were. Our friends Dan and Janell came over with their 11 month old little girl, Miesha and Tori decided she wanted to give her Ci-Ci to baby Miesha. I told her if she did I would buy her the much coveted Ariel dress she spotted in the store. And that was it, end of story, bye-bye pacifier, hello Ariel….

Well my baby may not be a baby anymore but she still is darn cute (and reducing the odds of an overbite is also a plus)!


Lisa H said...

What a little beauty you have on your hands there!

I love how you enjoyed other people's reactions--that is hilarious! :)

Just Mom said...


Heidi Jo said...

andrew just spent his first night without his...on his birthday. it was a bit traumatic.

i think it's funny too how people think you are ruining your child with a bottle or pacifer---grow them up faster! PLEASE.

nickernoodle said...

I would have def. traded my ci-ci for that dress too!!! Way to go Tori! Although I never had the pacfier issue with my kids, Cooper still sucks his thumb. I can't get him to quit it and he is 4!!! I think other parents are always too quick to judge when they don't know your child at all. I would rather have the ci-ci than a screaming kid all night long!!!

Congrats Tori!!! The dress is lovely on you!!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

Never dealt with that issue as my kids all dumped them before they were a year and I didn't have a thing to do with it.

Sorry for the "looks". Who knew you could see me way over here? I must agree, she is beautiful and I'd love her with or without her ci-ci.

Leah said...

Such a little beauty!

Marci D. said... more ci-ci. She still has her ba-ba though so that is good second :) Tell her that Aurora or the other Cinderella is so proud of her and that I love her dress.

Anonymous said...

Adorable no matter what!
And weren't you the one who requested no character dresses, etc. hmmm.

daniellehodgson said...

sounds like our girls have a lot in common! my three year old still LOVES her paci and loves her princesses.

we aren't there yet! but you are so right about people commenting about it. :)