Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Well the last 2 weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time in this…

Actually that is not my car but I have one just like it. See I’ve been spending so much time in it I couldn’t even get a picture of it! I’m thinking of getting a mini-frig installed for all the on-the-go snacks/meals and I wonder if they could put an espresso machine in the dash board?

I’m definitely learning the meaning of the words “Soccer Mom” minus the soccer part…hee! All the Christmas festivities that puts everyone in a tizzy the first 2 weeks in December in America is happening for us right now. The ending of this month marks the end of the school year and with no T-day celebration it is a mad dash to get the Christmas performances put to bed by Nov 30.


We’ve been to a couple of these…..

School performances and award’s ceremonies for Blake and Skyler. Blake’s theme was “Around the World” and his class represented Spain, thus the hats. See the cute USA class…I hooped and hollered when they came out….give me a break I’ve been cooped up in a car for 14 days, gotta vent when the opportunity presents itself.

We’ve been to a few of these….

Sky’s ballet concerts…2 of them to be exact each 2 hours and 13 minutes in length. Yep I timed the last one. She has one more ballet exam next week and ballet party and than we are done for the year.

So why all the time in the car…because of the bazillion rehearsals (no exaggeration) leading up to each of these performances. I must admit where I don’t enjoy all the running around, we have really enjoyed watching the kids on stage. They definitely take to it well. Such fun memories and if your lucky perhaps I’ll figure out how to upload them (or is it download) onto You Tube. Aren’t you excited?

I soo wish I could take the credit for their evident talent but unfortunately to do so would be a fabrication of the truth (to put it nicely). I guess I will just have to live vicariously through them and cross my fingers that Santa will bring me a rhinestone studded microphone for Christmas.

One more school performance to go…it is Tori’s turn in the spotlight and the church Christmas play (which has another zillion rehearsals). Then just as things are picking up for you I will be sitting back slurping down the eggnog. Cheers to a quiet December!

For an update on recent ministry keeping us busy click here.


Heidi Jo said...

skylar looks so beautiful! what a great way to spend the last few weeks though. i'm sure you'll be ready for the vacation...or sorts, that end of school will bring.

Lisa H said...

It sounds so busy, but it seems like it would be pretty nice to have everything packed into November and then have a quiet, easy December. I think you've got it pretty good over there! :)

michelle said...

Yep no complaints other than no espresso machine in my car...some aspects of the holidays here take some getting used to but the relaxed, family all to yourself Dec. is really nice. They've stumbled onto something!

Anonymous said...

Relish these days, they too will pass and you will have no more car/kid time. Somedays it's a perfect way to talk and connect.

michelle said...

I know I need to remind myself of that and we do have some fun times in the car...I just get a little weary sometimes.

Sohailah said...

Love the photos and the update - I hope you DO get it uploaded to You tube - I think it's so great that Christmas is celebrated in November! You must be warming up there quite a bit!