Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip Highlights

We returned from our week trip to squatty potty heaven. It was a great week of ministry and there were many laughs in relation to our rough living conditions.

I had a few firsts like driving a large truck (I swear it is as long as a boat) with a trailer pulled behind it…thankfully I never had to back up. Marci and I were also the resident shoppers, purchasing food for 65 people (and toilet paper in bulk).

Definitely hit some LOL moments during our shopping sprees (which were often)…especially when we decided to save 20 cents per loaf of bread by using the bread slicer in the front of the store to slice our own loaves. After slicing 30 loaves of bread it was agreed we’d find cost savings elsewhere.

We filled the back of the truck multiple times with food and by weeks end our bread total hit 110 loaves.

The shining moments for me came with relation to my 9 year old daughter, Skyler. She decided to give up a week of her vacation (kids were on a 3 week break from school) and rough it with a bunch of strangers. She did an amazing job! The squatty potties, cold and bucket showers did not even seem to phase her. She even ate PB&J (a Teen Mania lunch staple) without complaints everyday with the team (not one of her favorites). Of course she had the best of both worlds as she got some of the leadership perks by hanging out with me but let’s face it how many perks can there be when roughing it?

I am so grateful for the things she is “catching” from the teenagers here. She worshiped freely with the team, had her own quiet times when the group did and learned the memory verses the teens were learning. She even jumped in on ministry when she was able (teaching in high schools was a bit over her head).

My favorite was when she researched scripture verses on how to lead someone to the Lord to help the ministry groups. It is in these moments I thank God she is “getting it” despite my parenting!

Okay enough bragging, I will return to wit…. This was another thing we came across when shopping for the teams…..

Yep that would be butter. They say it like it is here.

I was hoping "Fat Spread" in large print would deter the team from using so much butter but they would not be deterred.

If you'd like to read about the ministry highlights and see how we lived this past week you can do so on my ministry blog.


Heidi Jo said...

what an amazing time! when i read what a ministry you are doing there, it seems like we all could be doing so much more.

i can only imagine how proud you were of skylar. what a blessing to witness first hand your children serving and ministering to others.

gaylafriend said...

first of all: gorgeous story about gorgeous skylar! wonderful.

secondly: i totally ((heart)) fat spread!!!! mmmmmmmmm....

Molly said...

I'm just now catching up on your last few posts. Great pictures. Love the fat spread. Goes right to my thighs! Your kids are BEAUTIFUL by the way. Inside and out! Love you.

Just Mom said...

Skyler is one amazing young lady with one amazing momma.

re. the "Fat Spread"... Mmmm, yum...

Terry McCann said...

I sure hope I have the right Michelle! I recently received an e-mail regarding our high school class directory. As I was going over the list of names and getting slightly nostalgic, I saw Michelle's name. I decided to Google her name to see if there were any hits since it's been over 20 years. Low and behold there were.

It looks like you are doing great things and that you have a wonderful family. I hope all is well.

Terry McCann

Karenkool said...

Awesome, Michelle. She's a special daughter. You're a great MOM!!!

I loved the sliced bread story. HAHAH

Lisa H said...

The bread slicing cracked me up! I'm all for being frugal, but that sounds like a CHORE!

Penless Thoughts said...

I am so thrilled when you share these experiences with us Michelle. How wonderful about Skylar!!!! I know your heart must be ready to explode.

I always appreciate your wit!!

Thanks for your prayers for Mickey. At church last night, during prayer time, a large number of people came around and prayed for him. We are believing for the same miracle your mother received....nothing when they look again!!! BUT we are also trusting God......none of this has taken Him by surprise.

Sohailah said...

you are bringing back great memories for me with you when we roughed it.

"Okay, Team, get out your toothbrushes! You can brush your teeth withOUT iodine water! AND wash your hair - right from that pipe over there..."

I LOVE hearing about yourife - you are inspiring to me.