Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kung Fu Cheap

I took my kids to see Kung Fu Panda during their school break. My favorite part: It cost R18 for all 4 of us to see the movie. That would be the equivalent of $2.40 or $.60 per person. Now that is Kung Fu Cheap!

Movies are cheap here and on top of that we get discounts through our health insurance so they are even cheaper. And apparently kids that have had a dental check up this year see movies for free….so Skyler and Blake were free!

Nice to know with increasing prices on just about everything that somethings are still inexpensive!


Heidi Jo said...

discounts through health insurance? could they be on to soemthing? watching movies can make you laugh, laughing makes you more joyful, and the bible says that laughter is the best medicine! wow, what a progressive idea:0)

did you like the movie, and did you laugh! or were you to busy counting all the money you didn't have to spend?

Heidi Jo said...

something, i meant something. not soemthing!

michelle said...

Actually they are on to soemthing oh I mean something :-)...but it is not as spiritual as your idea.

Our insurance gives various benefits to memebers practicing preventative health being discounted movie tickets. Althought with the money one saves on tickets is spent on popcorn and candy so I guess it is a bit of a contradiction. :-)

I did like it and it did make me laugh.

Anonymous said...


Lisa H said...

Isn't that a cute movie? I loved it and my kids did too.

Of course, we paid a lot more than $0.60 a person to see it! :)

Sohailah said...

I agree with Heidi Jo - they have a good philosophy on health!

So I heard a TON last week on Nelson Mandela turning 90. IS he as big a deal there as people say he is over here? Just wondering.

nickernoodle said...

We missed that at the theaters so we will have to wait for it to come out on video. I wish it were that cheap to see movies here. My sister and I went to Mama Mia on Wed. night and it was $8/person to get. That doesn't even include the huge tub of popcorn and tall glass of Diet Coke we had. Hey, does your ins. pay anything towards fatening buttery popcorn?! ;)

gaylafriend said...

wow! that is amazing!!! i think movies are RIDICULOUSLY priced here. $.60 per person is PLENTY of money for hollywood to make.