Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who's Footing the Bill

I realize I am a bit behind in posts as I am only now posting about Easter. Hey, at least you were spared from my 14 wedding anniversary post as it took place 2 weeks ago. In case my non-post is cause for worry, know that things are good and we plan on going another 14 years at which time we will re-evaluate things….only kidding- we are in it for the long haul!

Back to Easter….Like most things Easter is celebrated differently here. You won’t find eggs being boiled, colored or hunted…or even white for that matter. You won’t find bunnies and baskets…okay you probably could but not as a major Easter theme. No pastel colored candy, plastic eggs or kid’s adorned in new Easter attire. No Springtime (which is most of what the prior all relates to) and NO work on Good Friday or Easter Monday. Fortunately, you will find Christ Risen!

All those things are not typically found in South African households however ALL were found in the Franzen household….with the exception of white eggs.

I’m not ready to let go of familiar Easter traditions especially when someone else is footin' the bill! Every Easter thing was because of someone's graciousness and love.....

Easter Attire

all the way down to the shoes....

Brought to us by Grandma J

Easter baskets, their contents (both grannies), candy, plastic eggs and dye

Brought to us by Grandma B

A glorious promise of a Resurrected & Eternal Life

Brought to us by Jesus

How grateful we are to and for those footing the Easter bill!


Penless Thoughts said...

Happy belated Easter. The kids look wonderful. Happy belated 14th Anniversary. Keep going kid and you'll catch up with me!!!!!

Teresa said...

What a fun surprise for your kids to receive all of the fun Easter presents. They look so adorable....the shoes add that little extra wow!

Praise Jesus for the ultimate price that was paid!

Heidi Jo said...

love, love, love the shoes.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

The kids look cute as bugs!

Happy anniversary...late! Was it near my birthday, the 12?

We never did the easter egg thing, but Christ was always the focus and still is of our Easter celebrating.

Just Mom said...


gaylafriend said...

do tori's shoes come in my size?

i'm not joking.

Lisa H said...

Great Easter gifts--all of them!

Seriously love the shoes picture. Too cute!

How long does it take you to get things when they're sent over--I imagine your mom(s) really have to plan ahead! :)

michelle f said...

Ginger it wasn't just near, our anniversary was on your b-day. We married on March 12,1994 and Gayla cut the cake. :-)

Gayla, I am with you I'll take a pair of Tori's in my size and I wouldn't pass up one of Sky's in my size too. Now Blake's do come in adult sizes and he could not of been prouder as his Dad has a very similar pair.

Lisa, as far as time to get is very random sometimes 2 weeks sometimes not at all. All the Easter goodies came back with Rich from his trip....that is the saftest way.

nickernoodle said...

I love new Easter outfits!!! THe kids look adorable and I love the shoes. I want a pair too!!!

Molly said...

Thank God for grandma's -- and Jesus. OK, maybe Jesus should go first, but grandma's are a really close second : )