Monday, March 24, 2008

My Big Brother

When I think about big brothers there is so much that could pen the pages from my own experience. I could tell you about the times my big brothers (I have 2) locked me in a dark closet when my parents went out. Or about being told that a wind-up putt putt car would make for a wonderful head massage only to wind up with a 5 inch hair cut.

Or on the flip side I could share of when my sweet big brother, Andy (almost 4 yrs older than me) pretended to be my fairy God mother (or perhaps father would be a more appropriate fit) and spoiled me for days with an assortment of surprises. Or how he showed up at the hair salon, where I was getting my “do” done, with roses on my wedding day….something to this day I don’t think he realizes touched me deeply.

The former experiences built my resilience but the latter are the beginning of fond memories of what my big brother has become. Andy, or AJ as we call him, in my book (or post) would be defined as generous, smart (I could have said “anal” but I am being nice in this post..hee), and thoughtful with a great sense of humor we seem to share….and are probably the only 2 to appreciate.

He loves and serves the Lord, his wife and 4 beautiful children and years ago he developed a heart for missions. I recently blogged about my African journey and how it’s revelation happened overtime. What I did not mention was another revelation we never imagined. While my brother represents the Lord in Corporate America as a CPA and partner in a growing firm he also plays a large part in the Great Commission as a Supporter.

Little did we ever imagine our paths in missions would not only cross but unite. Five years ago my brother joined (and helped begin) the Impact Africa team as Treasurer of our board as well as Chief Accountant and Overseer of our USA office….he got the lion’s share of math genes. He and his family are an integral part of the ministry happening here in Africa. It is an honor to labor together with my big brother, the one that teased me so many years ago, in this adventure.

So why this post about my big brother, Andy? Well for starters it is his birthday (and I am a good sister), not to mention the Baumruks are prone to tears and we have an unspoken tradition/competition of reducing each other to tears (in a good way) on special occasions. I also realized fond thoughts and “I love you’s” far too often go unspoken. Mostly, I just wanted to brag about my wonderful big brother who is greatly admired and respected by his little sister!

Happy Birthday Dee-Dee!


Anonymous said...

As usual your "reducing to tears" objective was obtained...and to set the record straight - it was the "other" brother that locked you in the closet. I think it was me running to your rescue :)
I am blessed to have you as a sister and even more to call you friend! I love you too!

Heidi Jo said...

what a great tribute! i am so happy for the blessing of a shared heart for ministry. it has to make your own calling that much sweeter to share it with someone you love!

nickernoodle said...

I always wanted an older brother but never got one!!! When you said that he brought you roses to the salon on your wedding day, I completely melted. What other kind of guy would think to do that?! That is awesome that you get to work together doing God's work! It will bring many more memories down the road!!!

Just Mom said...

"...about being told that a wind-up putt putt car would make for a wonderful head massage only to wind up with a 5 inch hair cut."


Happy Birthday to your brother.

Anonymous said...

Growing up with 3 older brothers I can so relate.

We just love them so much and yet wonder how we ever survived our childhoods.

Happy Birthday to an amazing, wonderful, beautiful woman's big brother!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday AJ! How awesome that you are both in the mission field. Your momma must be so proud!

gaylafriend said...

what a wonderful post, michelle. i think you not only reduced your family to tears, but your friends too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you truly reached your objective and reduced me to tears (although you know that's easy to do). Amen to it all and I couldn't be prouder of you both! You two have turned out so well (we must have done something right!) You are both loving and thoughtful and we love you both so much! Yes Dee Dee is all grown up and what an awesome man he has become.

Momma Roar said...

How sweet!!! Brothers are great - I have one, but I also have a sister...note I said Brothers are great! ;-)

I think it is awesome how both your families are joined in this amazing ministry together!

(by the way...I love your comment above about word verification! lol)

Shanygne said...

I have spent the better part of half and hour catching up and you almost reduced ME to tears as well... COngrats on your 4 year anniversary... your story of the waiting to get there keeps me going every time I think about how long we have been waiting for the green light to leave Texas...

Did Rich deliver a letter to Sky for Emily? She gave it to him during Directors' Summit... it was soo good to see him and hear from his heart once again.

Love you guys!!

Penless Thoughts said...

This brought tears to my eyes, Michelle!!! What a wonderful post and how blessed you are to have a brother like him. Not having a earthly brother myself it really touched me.

justgottalaugh said...

I'm a friend of Kelly and Andy's. Great post! The Robinsons think he's pretty great, too!