Monday, March 17, 2008

My Star-Center

Skyler is playing netball at school and they had their first match last week. It was not only their first game of the season it was Sky’s first team game in anything ever.

So Blake, Marci and I were off to cheer her on. Other than knowing it is a simple form of basketball and that they wear cute little skirts my netball knowledge is quite limited. Interestingly enough the sport originated by a Canadian immigrant to the USA but was first played in the UK. It later extended to many of the British Commonwealth countries of which SA is one.

Our ignorance of the rules did not hinder us in anyway from cheering, critiquing and coaching from the sidelines. Being familiar with basketball of course we yelled (quite loudly I might add) its terminology…things like “rebound girls”, “get open”- which turned to “spread out”, and “good hustle” (which we found out later was not even understood by my American daughter). I even threw in some football terminology---“great interception” which was uttered a lot as my Center (her position) star, Skyler, made quite a few! I also learnt (which is the British spelling by the way and frankly I don’t like it however it is fitting for the post) that “an interception” is correct netball verbiage.

I was quite impressed with my daughter’s skill in this new game. She really did very well and hustled til she was red-faced and exhausted. She is one of the only players that can roam the entire court and that she did!

It was a fun, new, SA learning exp. for me and Marci and we definitely proved to be the stereotypical, Loud Americans!

Why did I not post an in-the-action pic of Skyler in her cute little uniform? I pulled a Michelle and left my camera at home.


purposedtrek said...

Speak for yourself and your son, my "loud american" friend. ;)

So it is an interception and not a steal. I guess we could have figured that out since there isn't one ounce of being agressive or impolite in this sport. Can't block shots or steal the ball. I will stick to American sports and keep up the standard of "rude americans".

gaylafriend said...

fun!!! pics, next time, please! gotta see that cute 'skirt.'

yeah.... "learnt"... i just can't accept that one. nor "colour", "tyre", etc... you keep yelling like a 'yank' and keep spelling like one, too! ;-)

Teresa said...

Go Skylar!

SO glad Rich is home and your family is all together again!

michelle f said...

I guess if I was going with the British spelling my title should have been "My Star-Centre".

Mom said...

Oh no - you forgot your camera!! Michelle what a faux pas (and you the organized Mom). Yes, definitely pictures next time. Of course she was good (takes after her jock mom (I remember all those home basketball games). Skyler - you go girl.


Lisa H said...

I forget my camera for things like that all the time! :) Glad it's not just me.

Sounds like a fun time!

Tami said...

Sounds like fun. I hate it when I forget my camera. Can't wait to see and read more about your "education" on this sport. :0)