Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Why is today so wonderful you ask? You did ask didn’t you?

Yes, it is the day the Lord has made so I will rejoice and be glad (after my cup of green not as fun as coffee) in it! No, my kids did not go back to school although most other schools started back today. It is not even the fact that DNA testing confirmed Dannielynn’s real father.....phew, I was losing sleep over that one.

I am celebrating this wonderful Wednesday because after 3 years of living in Africa I have my first dishwasher! And lo and behold it is the same one as Heidi’s….and we have the same dog! (HA)

Yes, you heard me correctly I haven’t had a dishwasher since moving here. Kind of adds to the missionary motif don’t you think? (Insert picture of me fetching water from the river in a dry and desolate land)...Arachnid's climb our house walls, we have no heat in the winter and we daily scrub dishes by hand. Okay, beware of the lightening! And for those of you that don’t know me although all but the water thing are true I love my life here and I can be quite sarcastic at times.

Why did I not have a dishwasher til now? I am not really sure. Granted, I have Lizzy 3 days a week but that leaves over ½ the week of doing endless dishes MYSELF with minuet drying space.

So our pretty dishwasher arrives and I had to laugh as it is definitely an “African” dishwasher and in Africa they like the motto “Less is More.” Except what that means here is you pay more and get less! Most of my American glasses (huge compared to the glasses here) are too tall to fit in the upper tray. And although they show you a pretty picture of how to pack the upper tray neatly with glasses and bowls we, giants, have so many mugs and glasses I can’t fit anything else so the bowls end up in the bottom tray and we continue to use a lot of paper plates. And I won't even mention the exceptionally long wash cycle that is sure to create a spike in the water bill....oh, I just mentioned it didn't I?

Despite my miniature dishwasher that cost a lot of pretty rands (our currency and it is very pretty) I am grateful to rid myself of dishpan hands! It is a wonderful Wednesday!


Lisa H said...

Congratulations on the new dishwasher! I used to LOVE washing dishes by hand, but I think that was WAY before two kids and four times as many dishes! :)

Karenkool said...

Woohoo! I can TOTALLY relate. I had an entire year of handwashing dishes for 8 people using a very small sink with no water pressure AND a problematic water heater. Oh--did I mention that my kids were sick the entire winter that year? It was months and months of HELL! (I meant the place, not the swear word).

I am very happy for you even if the American dishware doesn't fit properly. :-D The dog comes in handy too. Saves on the prewash cycle.

Jen said...

OH HAPPY DAY!!!! I had to go without a dishwasher for 3 months, yes only months, and that was right after Cooper was born. Ours broke down and with a new baby we just didn't have the money to get a new one until our tax return. I had to wash bottles by HAND and I HATED it!!! I am glad for you and I know you will figure out a clever way to fit more dishes into it!!!!

Heidi Jo Comes said...

so that's where my dog ended up! who knew he could get all the way to south africa so quickly? when i clicked over here i was a bit confused, i thought my template had been changed and i was still on my site:-)

congrats on the dishwasher.

you're a great writer by the way.

Anonymous said...

Funny! I have a dishwasher and find myself washing my dishes by hand quite a bit of the time. The fewer people in the house the more I just quickly wash by hand. We are an unusual bunch in our requirements for living.
I am glad you are counting yourself blessed today even if for a small dishwasher. I would settle for your maid three days a week :)

Just Mom said...

Yeeeeeehaw! You don't have to rinse the dishes first, do you?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing the things we take for granted when we live in the U.S.? We didn't have a dishwasher when we lived in Peru, but it was only me, Rod, and Ben. That was hard enough! I can't imagine with a family of 5! So glad you have a dishwasher now!

Jane said...

My washers... both dish and laundry... are my must haves. In my dream home there will be TWO dishwashers. (I know I am selfish and lazy... but hear me out!)
Typically we use the same dishes every day. What if we had two dishwashers, one for the newly cleaned dishes that we are going to use next. The other for the dirt ones that we just used... rotate as one is clean and the other one is dirty.
Think about it... it would save room for storage, and you wouldn't have to unload the dishwasher.
Have a GREAT day! Jane

~ Amy ~ said...

I'm laughing at Jane-Jane, but I'm also thinking she might be on to something there. Congrats on the dishwasher! It's the small things that sometimes makes us the happiest!

rae said...

Congrats! Welcome back to 2007. :) I am so spoiled I don't know what i'd do w/out my dishwasher. For 3 girls we (me and my 2 roomies) sure do use a lot of dishes in one day!

Gayla said...

Congrats, Michelle! When I lived in Indonesia I had a dishwasher. Her name was Yopi. When I first got married I did NOT have a dishwasher for a year and a 1/2... but somehow thought it was romantic.

Yeah. I got over that.

Anonymous said...

My funny daughter,
Where did you get the picture with the dog? And where did you put the dishwasher (can't imagine where it would fit.
I have two dishwashers - an electric one and DAD!
I don't know Jane - that sounds awfully extravagant.

michelle said...

Heidi when that picture came up on my google search it made me think of you and your dishwasher story and since we are twins sep. at birth I thought it would be funny to use.

Had to move the dryer out to make room for the dishwasher. Yep, I had a dryer and I have a wash machine in my kitchen...strange I know!

Shanygne said...

What a great way to wash the dog!

Happy Dishwasher Day!

Oh, and thanks for the Holding Pattern enlightenment... remembering your 10 year one puts ours in perspective.

weavermom said...

I grew up in a home without a dishwasher. My mom always said they didn't need one. They had two - me and my brother.

I HATE washing dishes by hand to this day (big fat baby that I am), so I'm rejoicing with you sister. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

That's great that you have a dishwasher!

On another note, would sometime during the week of May 20th work for you guys? We are flying through Joburg then and thought we could visit on our way out!

Susan Skitt said...

Dishwasher... did without one for three weeks and I used to complain about doing dishes... LOL

And your doggie? I have a yellow lab too. Funny pic!


michelle said...

Just a note for anyone still reading. The pic is not of my dishwasher nor my dog. I googled it and noticed it was the same one Heidi used on her blog thinking that would make it funnier.

I wouldn't mind the dog and the dishwasher is bigger but I settle happily for mine.