Monday, April 09, 2007

Fallen Soldier

You may recall my holiday activity botch with my kids. Well you think I would learn but no I try, try again.

Twelve days leading up to Easter we started the Resurrection Eggs. For those of you without children or unfamiliar with these, essentially there are 12 plastic eggs each filled with a scripture verse and a token of sorts that help explain the Easter story. They are readily found in Christian bookstores across America, they can be ordered online, etc. And I am sure they arrive nicely packaged and cleverly put together. Well no such thing here. I can’t even find plastic eggs in my part of the world. So being the clever mom that I am (hee) I decide to make my own.

The kids were excited about what they would find in each day’s egg UNTIL the day we came to the part about the soldiers nailing Christ to the cross and gambling for His clothes. When creating my little eggs I thought it would be fun to put one of Blake’s little plastic soldiers in the egg. You know those little cheap ones you can get 100 for a buck or something ridiculous like that?! Well the little guy would not fit in the egg so I thought what harm would it be to cut off the base? Seems logical hey?

Boy was Blake in for a surprise when he opened the egg that day. His joy turned to tears at the sight of his maimed solider and he gasped, “How could you cut off his legs?” I tried to explain my intentions and point out the fact that it wasn’t his legs that I cut off it was the base but it only made matters worse. When it came time to pray after the scripture reading Blake felt it neccessary to share my blunder with God.

“Lord, I am sorry for what the soldiers did to you and please forgive my mom for destroying all my favorite toys”.

I tried to imagine what the Lord's reaction was.....would I be doomed to penance for ruining my son's toy or did He chuckle and shake His head at His flawed creation? To my credit...and I am glad God is all date this is the only toy I’ve ‘destroyed'! Blake obviously hasn’t learned the Communication 101 rule.....Never use absolutes like all, always, or never when upset!

He was a bit sheepish to see what surprise might be found in the next days egg but I am happy to say we made it to Easter with no other mishap (and lightening did not strike). And Blake forgave me….after I brought home a horde of brand new plastic soldiers.


gaylafriend said...

SO laughed out loud while reading this!!! My sons are also prone to hyperbole- those "always" and "nevers". I, personally, can't IMAGINE where they get that from. ...must be their dad... ;-)

Kudos to you for creativity, and finding a knife sharp enough to cut the legs off "all" Blake's toys.

Jennifer Pendley said...

I had to laugh also! Here you are trying to make a point and it goes totally wrong! You should have said "Imagine how God felt when they nailed Jesus to the cross!" I need to order some of those eggs! Good for you though to be creative. I would have given up!

Debbie said...

That's a great story, Michelle. Couldn't stop laughing.

Just Mom said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who psychologically damages her child every now and then. ;-) That was too funny. Cute eggs, by the way, and very creative on your part for making them.

Penless Thoughts said...

Real life is so fun. This is a childhood memory you and your son will be talking about when he is a grown man:o)

Lori B said...

That is a funny story!

We love these resurrection eggs too.
We had fun sharing the stories in the book with our kids everyday.


Franzen Fam. This is my first visit and I am so glad I made the trip. I love your blog. Your son is so cute and Mom you did a good job with the eggs, well, maybe with the exception of that one. lol. connie from Texas

God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

That's my daughter! Wonder if Blake takes after his grandma with the exagerations - Dad alwys (there I go already) says that I do that all the time - see just can't stop.
You did a great job and I'm proud of my amazing daugher, wonderful son-in-law and super grandkids.

Michelle Franzen said...

'the stories in the book'?? It just goes to show you I am out of the loop; we definitely had 3rd world country Ress Eggs. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great story, hehe! I love your mom. No exaggeration on the "amazing" daughter, "wonderful" son-in-law, and "super" grandkids! She hit the nail on the head with those adverbs!
Hang in there with Blake, I'm still getting that same feed back with Jenna at 18..."You ALWAYS ..."

Lisa H said...

Oops! Sounds like something I would do! Nice job on the resurrection eggs--it looks like they came out great!

Teresa said...

I think Blake and Hunter are so much alike! That would have totally been Hunter's reaction! Funny!
Kudos to you for your creativity! You've got my nomination for 'Mother-of-the-Year'!

Karen said...

BAHAHAHAAA!!! Michelle, you crack me up. I would have cut off the soldiers legs too. "We'll MAKE it FIT!!" It reminds me of a show long long time ago called Fridays. It was like SNL and I remember the one skit where the kid (man) was playing with his soldiers and trains etc. blowing them up and amputating the soldier's legs while pretend screaming. It's stuck in my head for all these years.

Nice Easter/Resurrection activity with the chillins'! ;-D

Shanygne said...

I am glad you have been forgiven!!

You are the best, Michelle!! So creative!! We even have the set and didn't get hte chance to use them... I am so bummed.

Dawnelle said...

Oh, my gosh~ maimed soldier! That was so funny- I laughed outloud!