Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Mystery Revealed

I am sure you could hardly sleep last night in anticipation of the answers to yesterday's post. Well they tarry no longer........

1) This is our cosy home?
There is something rather serene about this hut but it IS NOT ours. We reside in a more conventionally (and I use that term lightly) built 3 bedroom, ranch style home.

2) This is our pet zebra?

Now wouldn't that be cool if it was but it IS NOT our pet. Just a precious young one we observed at a safari park.

3) Thousands of people live in communities like this all throughout South Africa?

Unfortunatley YES and NO! Yes, there are these communities sprawled throughtout SA yet the residents number in the millions! We concentrate our efforts on helping people living in areas like these.

4) Rich took this photo?
YES, he did in fact take this photo. Most people don't believe it due to the zebra's symmetrical pose.

5) This is Lizzy our maid?
YES, this is in fact Lizzy (Elizabeth) or precious maid and dear friend. She is with us 3 days a week and helps me with the kids during very busy ministry seasons, allowing me to be involved in our ministy. Now before you alert all our partners to our lavish life style (insert sarcasm) let me share (justify..hee) that it is very different than our American take on maids. It is a common job for many African women and in a country of 45% unemployment a very highly viewed and valid source of employment. It is also inexpensive!

6) This big guy was found inside our house?
Where I have found one of these HUGE guys in our house (I screamed like a baby and made Lizzy kill it) this one WAS NOT inside my house but in the house of a brave (or crazy) friend of mine that captured it for blogging purposes.

7) When boredom kicks in we paint our faces and get down with some living room tribal dancing?
I enjoyed your creative answers therefore I choose not to disclose whether it is True of False but rather allow your imaginations to create the true story. wink wink!

8) I have not had so much as a drop of coffee for 17 days?
Do you really think I could go without coffee for more than 2 weeks? Well you of little faith in me! YES, I have not had a drop of coffee for now 18 days! Thank you very much mockers....not to mention any names (begins with the Sh blend and ends in ona).

Thanks for playing (I think)!


Penless Thoughts said...

How cute. I enjoyed it and love your sense of humor. Happy Risen Lord's Day.

Karen said...

Great game! Good times! I should have tried a little harder with my guessing--instead of following the crowd!!! *gulp* A much deeper issue in me has just been revealed through this game--I'm a CROWD FOLLOWER!!! AHHHHHH! PRAY FOR ME!?!

Shonna said...

WHAT!?!?!?!?! I am so proud of you!!!! Are the kids and Rich ok?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't do too badly. Soooo, I didn't know if Rich took the photo or you, big deal. And the itsy bitsy spider was your friends and not yours, big deal. AND, if you really want to keep the lovely photo with the tribal paint on your face a secret than I must have been right. Soooo, I scored pretty good.
No jave in almost three weeks, yippy!...and I lost 5lbs :)
(No pop/soda or almost no chocolate) Gotta get back into those spring capris :)

Heidi Jo said...

can lizzy come stay with me for a while, being we're twins seperated at birth she'll feel right at home. what i wouldn't give to be able to help out at my son's paschal meal/ceremony today...but with three pre-schoolers at home it just ain't gonna be. do you feel sorry for me yet?

you didn't explain WHY you aren't drinking coffee....???

Lisa H said...

Fun game. Let's play another one! Oh, wait. That's what my boys would say. :)

I'm impressed you're cutting out coffee! I'm not a coffe drinker, but I know how hard that must be!

Jane-Jane said...

before my addiction to coffee, I stopped drinking soda for about 4 months... no caffeine except through chocolate (so I guess I wasn't totally free of the drug). And no one noticed a change in my extrovert personality!

Amazing what we can do with Jesus' help!

And as for Lizzy... YOU GO SISTER! you have a very full plate and are able to minister to so many others by having an assistant within your home! And you are helping her family in a BIG way!

Michelle Franzen said...

I wish I could say my forgo the coffeeo was spiritual but the initial reason was a 21 day detox. Which meant no caffine at all and essentially a diet of drinking and eating raw fruits and veggies.

Oddly the coffee was never the hard part the not eating anything substantial was! It is amazing how your body does adapt after the 1st week (I was soo tired and grumpy for the first few days).

I don't have huge energy spurts which was a part of the desired outcome but I definitely feel a difference and hope to continue this life style for a while (adding more whole grains...I need bread)!

So there you have it..aren't you sorry you asked?!

Sohailah said...

but WHY no coffee? I don't get it. And why is it a good thing to stop drinking it? Don't any of you watch the Today show? They say it's good for you ( And I believe everything they say) -

Lori B said...

That was a fun game to play along with.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Shanygne said...

Is that spider poisonous? ewwww....

michelle a said...

I love this post! You are so creative!
Why are you doing the raw food diet? Are you going Hollywood on us?
Hey- what is your email address? I wanted to email a couple questions to you- don't worry, it's not in regard to your maid and your lavish lifestyle in SA:-)