Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Photo Fact or Fiction

This post was inspired by Heidi's revelations. I thought it would be fun to share a few African aspects of our life and let you decide how true they are. Ready, Fact or Fiction......

1) This is our cosy home?

2) This is our pet zebra?

3) Thousands of people live in communities like this all throughout South Africa?

4) Rich took this photo?

5) This is Lizzy our maid?

6) This big guy was found inside our house?

7) When boredom kicks in we paint our faces and get down with some living room tribal dancing?

8) I have not had so much as a drop of coffee for 17 days?

So what do you think....Fact or Fiction?


Lisa H said...

Love it! Half fact, half fiction? I'm pretty sure 1,2 and 7 are false. And if #8 is! Would that be for a fast?

Great pictures--you always post the most beautiful pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

1)Not True! Ha Ha
2)Nice, but don't you have a dog?
3)Yes, sorry to say :(
4)My guess is you took the picture
5)True (?) and beautiful!
6)Yes (?) YUCK!
7)I'm thinking it was a celebration of some type.
8)Can I say Hurray!?

I agree with Lisa, the picture of you and Rich is really beautiful!

Heidi Jo said...

I'm guessing #7 is false...because that sounds more like a bedroom activity :-)

I'll have to think about the others though.

Nice post my twin.

Karen said...

Loved your post!

I ditto Ginger on the answers! Oh except #7. I agree with Heidi on that one. hahah

Just Mom said...

1) False
2) False
3) True
4) Hmmm....
5) False
6) Ick!
7) True (hee hee)
8) What?!

Dawnelle said...

Hi~ I found your blog through Heidi Jo's~ loved reading through some of your posts.

Don't know what are T or F, but I sincerely hope #6 (the spider) is false. I could not handle finding that in my house!

Sohailah said...

1 - no
2 - no
3 - yes
4 - yes
5 - yes
6 - yes
7 - no
8 - are you CRAZY?? or did you run out? Too few days for Lent, so truly - I am confused!

Lori B said...

These are guesses:
1. False
2. False. It may be a picture from your safari.
3. True
4. False You took it.
5. False. I don't remember you blogging anything about having a maid.
True. If so ick. That would creep me out.
7. False
8. False

Molly said...

Fun blog. Can't imagine you have gone that long with out coffee!! If so, good for you! Also, just read the previous blog about EHM - SO COOL! I love that show.

Kariann Miller said...

Michelle, I haven't been to your blog in so long--I just read a few of your posts and have been laughing so hard. Great blog. You're such a good writer. I know I didn't get to spend very much time with you and Rich before you left, but I sure miss you guys! Hopefully we can catch up with you the next time you come through town. All my love, Kariann

Shonna said...