Thursday, July 15, 2010

License to Whine

No, Tori is not dressed to go play in the snow, nor was this picture taken when in New York in December. This has been her attire for school the past few days. Yes, it has been that cold!

Cold but cute I must admit...I figured if I posted a cute pic it gave me license to whine. hee

I know, stop complaining. I promise I will.......once I thaw!


Beth said...

Ashley has that same scarf and the matching gloves (which I love), but she won't wear because she doesn't do "cute". I'm glad Tori does "cute" . . . it warms my heart! : )

Leah said...

That is very very cold. :) You can whine.

And, I was cleaning out boxes today w/ Ken in preparation for moving and came across a folder from my TM desk that had a bunch of cards in it... many from you.

Made me miss you. :)

Heidi Jo said...

it's times like this that i can not relate to you at all! supposed to be 90 here today. sorry---you can whine some more now.

michelle said...

Beth, I relate.. that scarf is a hand me down from Skyler. She is "too mature" to wear such a girlie scarf. :) In our girl's defense, it is a "younger cute".

Aww Leah...sorry that my cards have become random fb messages and occasional emails. I miss you too.

Just Mom said...

I love winter clothes. I don't love the subzero wind chills we get, but I love winter clothes. :-D

Anonymous said...

Somehow cold and Africa just don't seem right in my mind, but I guess it's reality.

Oh how I don't miss those days of bundling up the kiddos!

Yup, JM loves her a good sweater!

Sohailah said...