Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

The Franzenfam had a recent chat about career paths of choice "when we grow up". Rich and I remain undecided however my brood has it all figured out...

Sky gave us her career choices in list form...
1) Mom
2) Teacher
3) Journalist (if I have time)

Blake: "I want to be a professional soccer player, an engineer in case the soccer thing doesn't work out...oh, and a preacher like Joel." (Joel Osteen)

He's our visionary!

Tori: "Mom, I want to be the lady at the store that helps you when your ready to buy your items...what is she called?"
Me: "A Cashier?"
Tori: "Yep, I want to be a Cashier."

I guess I can deduce which child is a "Chip off the Old Block" or "Blockette" in this case, which one will be supporting his parents when he makes it big, and which one I will be purchasing my groceries from.


Anonymous said...

Just too precious - but then what to expect - they're my grandkids! Beautiful pictures, beautiful kids.

Lisa H said...

I love it! My five year old (Jonah) recently told us he'd really like to be one of the greeters inside Walmart when he grows up. Dreamin' big over here! :)

Heidi Jo said...

well first of all, sky can be all three if she chooses. she can be a full time mom who teaches her kids and writes on the side. :0)

the engineer thing, very good choice, i speak from married experience! they are so handy with reading manuals.

and the cashier....who DOESN'T want to get to run the groceries over the scanner thingy? i am so tickled with the self-checkouts at walmart!

and lisa, the walmart greeters are the BEST. i think that's a noble job!

Teresa said...

LOVE it!

Sohailah said...

ok - too TOO funny! At least they'll all keep things varied.

Anonymous said...

So cute! My daughter wanted to be a dentist or a donut maker. Funny, she's now engaged to a donut maker.

Just Mom said...


You know ... Sky can always teach journalism at a university while writing stories for National Geographic.

Anonymous said...

Tell Tori that Uncle Andy was one of the grocery baggers (I never advanced to cashier). :)