Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits of My Weekend

It was a weekend full of Sports, Playdates, sleep overs (even the bunny had a sleep over) and Sweetness!

We started our weekend with news that Sky's netball team would be playing at G7, which equates to a big deal. Regionals of sort and the top 3 teams advance to the finals.

And what would a Saturday morning be without a soccer game? Bay's team remains undefeated. They won 5 to 1.


Fun in fall leaves


My precious 3...always the best Mother's day gift!

Malva pudding, a favorite South African treat...

And the Franzenfam favorite soccer club, Chelsea, wins the English Premier League Title!

A Sweet ending to a wonderful weekend! For more "bits" check out Six in the City.


Just Mom said...

I had almost forgotten it's fall where you are. LOL!

Looks like a good weekend. That pudding looks yummy. Did you make it?

Heidi Jo said...

fall huh? feels very fallish here too!

those are some adorable kids...must get it from their mom.

Michelle said...

Your kids are getting so big!
I love that you said, "what would be a Saturday without a soccer game." It made me smile. We are done with the soccer games in our house, but those early Saturday mornings provoked mixed emotions in me:-)

Kelly Tirman said...

Amazing shots!

Stacey Rogers said...

yea.... you're doing 'bits of my weekend too'... i finally know some one!!!!

love your kids and love you and Rich!


~Ginger said...

Love the fall leaves, but you can keep them! I'm so ready for summer weather and fall will come here soon enough.

Maalie said...

Hooray! Hooray for Chelsea!
Down with Man U! (We call them The Scum!)

You must have some fabulous wildlife there, do you ever get any piccies?

Regards. M.