Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Last of Firsts

The kid's started a new school year today. Skyler entered grade 5, Blake grade 2 and Victoria grade R (or Kindergarten as my American friends know it). For Tori this will be her initial year at big school with her brother and sister.

Tori does not wear a school uniform until next year although her princess shirt has become like a uniform.

Skyler's day began particularly early as she had difficult sleeping, in part due to excitement (she loves school) and she is still recovering from jet-lag. Her excitement was contagious which was good for sister Tori as she isn't particularly comfortable with new situations.

After a few traditional pics...

Oh and on an important note, you can't see Tori's backpack but it is also features a Princess (Belle)...shocker I know.

...Sky and Blake were happy to initiate Tori in the 'drive to school antics'...singing with "their" music, teasing, and prayer time with Dad. Upon entering school grounds Tori's confidence was soaring.

Both Sky and Blake were thrilled with their teachers and even more thrilled that both their best friends were in their classes. I know God looks out for my kiddos but it is thrilling to get a glimpse of it as we did this morning.

It was finally Tori's turn to go to her classroom. Now that brother and sister were gone reality began to sink in and apprehension ensued.

Rich and I left Tori's classroom with tears in our eyes mainly due to seeing the tears in hers and hearing her pleas of"please don't leave me". Yes, it was a rip my heart out moment but as I returned to the car and gathered my composure I realized it is the last of the Franzenfam Kindergarten firsts.

Apart of me rejoices and apart of me is sad due to this last of firsts.

A little update....

I am happy to report when I returned to school to fetch Tori, I found a happy princess that already made two friends. Once again I felt a glimpse of God's goodness towards my family...and I am grateful. We celebrated a great last of firsts with chocolate crossiants. A yummy end to a super day!


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing one of the "special" days in the lives of you and your children. They are just all so cute!!!

Heidi Jo said...

oh that made me all teary eyed just re-living it with you! my heart hates leaving them in those conditions, even though my brain says that it is normal and expected that they'd have such reservations. and will be fine.

oh, the next chapter...

what did you and rich do after you left her?

michelle said...

I'd like to say we went out and celebrated this new chapter of life...however we are playing catch up and trying to open a pre-school by Monday so both went to work. Boring stuff.

Lisa H said...

Aww...bittersweet! Glad that Tori had a great first day, and it's so nice that your other kids had best friends in their classes! :)

Momma Roar said...

Your kids are just so adorable!!! Our youngest isn't near starting school, but he's out of diapers and sleeping in a big bed. It's hard stuff!!

Anonymous said...

My kids all did great heading off to school. I remember getting in the car the day Jenna started school all day. I cried driving down the road for about a second and then realized this is what I was praying for...woohoo, I reclaimed my sanity and had a very happy child!

Yay for Tori! What a doll and little trooper on her first day!!