Friday, January 29, 2010


Examine me, God, from head to foot, order your battery of tests. Make sure I’m fit inside and out.
So I never lose sight of your love, but keep in step with you, never missing a beat.

Ps 26:2&3 Msg

I’ve been pondering these verses as of late. I’m sure like many others January was “back to the gym”…time to start exercising something other than my jaw muscle. It was not a shock to hear that personal trainers are most in demand the month of January. Everyone is resolute in knocking off the holiday pounds in an attempt to get fit, and they want help and accountability to do so.

I’m sure like many others as well, I have a strong desire to “get fit” from the inside out. It is time to eliminate the excess, get hungry again, and strengthen my heart, mind and emotions. I view my God in many ways and call to Him accordingly… my Healer, my Daddy, my Protector..... and my Personal Trainer.

It's hard work, sometimes my muscles will ache, at other times I will feel I cannot go on but I rest knowing He is my PT. He is examining and ordering HIS battery of tests, a specific regimen designed just for me. He may have me use the same equipment as others- the weights of personal quiet time, the treadmill of bible study, the “spin” of prayer, the aerobic class of church, however my reps, times, and levels will be scaled specifically for my design and need.

I’ll sweat, hurt, want to quit and most likely cry but He’ll never push me beyond what I can handle. I’ll interact with others “in the gym” with similar motivations but I must refrain from comparing my fitness to theirs. I have a completely different “soul shape”.

My reason… not because it is the spiritual thing to say or do, nor another item on the “good Christian” checklist to tick, not even with the goal of some sort of blessing but “So I never lose sight of His love and keep in step with Him never missing a beat.”

What an awesome thing to train for, to set my sights on…. His love and keeping in step with Him. How great it would be to jump on the scale and see minus 10 lbs of self-absorbed thinking or to look in the mirror and see a new me sculpted in His Love.

I have a long way to go on my personal fitness program but I’m grateful I have my PT coaching me every step of the journey.

Hope to see you at the gym!


Susan said...

What a wonderful post and insightful way of putting the physical, that is so on everyones minds this time of year, into the spiritual. The part that is going to last forever, and ever. This flesh will be layed aside for that glorious new body He has prepared for us. YEAH!!!

Heidi Jo said...

first- like the new look.

second- where did you get that fabulous peacock blue ruffle top?

third- right on sister friend. our bodies are a temple, and should be taken care of, but if the inside of our temple is a dry dessert of selfishness and sloth, then the outside is just a shell of vanity.

here's to a spiritually and physically fit 2010.

michelle said...

Def. praise to whom praise is due and the new fabulous look is due to Leigh Ann---she rocks!

Good to know that it is called a "peacock" it here in fashionable SA and on sale which is quite a phenomenon here!

A toast my friend!

Anonymous said...

Great post Michelle and great insight! But then how could I expect anything less from my daughter! It helped me and I'm sure it hit home to others also.

Vern said...

I feel convicted because I have free membership at a nearby gym and don't use it. Instead I wait for better weather so I can swim and work outside I may even try golf which is available here all year long. What is more important to me is keeping spiritually fit with spiritual exercises like prayer, Word confessions, praise and worship which I/we love to do every day. He is worthy! Thanks my darling daughter for a wonderful post that touched my heart.

Just Mom said...

Excellent, excellent post.

Leah said...

This makes me miss you.... and your insights.

Love to you friend!

Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite posts ever!

Heidi Jo said...

the shirt isn't peacock...the color is, silly :0)

Sohailah said...

great perspective. Thanks for it! And you are so right.