Friday, May 22, 2009

Take the 2 Blanket Challenge and bring some warmth to Africa this winter!

We are more than half-way with our Blanket Drive and have 10 days left to reach our goal of 1000 blankets by June 1.

The weather has turned COLD! A couple mornings this week we woke to temperatures in the 30’s.

Blankets to bring some warmth to those with very little!

One blanket costs approx. $6.00.

Our target audience lives in shacks made of corrugated metal, scraps of tin and pieces of wood, with little to no means of heat. Hundreds die each year due to the cold and being ill equipped to deal with it.

YOU, YOUR friends and YOUR Family, can help us by purchasing blankets.

Parents this is a very tangible way to get your children involved in helping those in need by doing extra chores..etc. I’ve received 3 reports of kids that are raising money to purchase blankets.

We want to begin passing out blankets in the squatter camp communities June 1!
This gives us 10 more days to raise funds for the 440 remaining blankets needed.

You can give via Paypal or check*…click here for details.

Take the 2 Blanket Challenge

Give $12 to purchase TWO blankets and help us bring some warmth to the African people this winter!

Click here for more information and daily updates on our progress!

*Please mark donations with code "blankets".


Anonymous said...

Excited to share that Alicia and Alfred will be heading up a trip with TM to Mexico in July. They are so excited as this is something they agreed to continue once they were married. They ended their support letter by saying that this is the best way ever that they could end their first year of marriage! How great!

Praying for blankets unending that none will go cold. Praying for your ministry and God's blessing to flow constantly!

Susan said...

My check will go in the mail tomorrow (P.O. closed today for Memorial Day). Glad to be able to have a little part in your wonderful work.

michelle said...

Thank you Susan and Ginger! We appreciate the support.

It is so exciting to see their precious faces when we hand out the blankets...will be sure to get lots of pics to post for you!