Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does Anyone Feel My Pain

My 7 year old son has hordes of amazing attributes however cleanliness is not one of them. I guess listening (to his mother) doesn’t rank up there either.

A daily conversation with Blake might go something like this….

Me: “Bay, would you please take your uniform out of your school bag, fold it nicely and put it in your drawer.”

Blake: (even looking at me eye-to-eye) “Yes, Mom.”

Later when walking by Blake’s room this is what I find….

Does anyone feel my pain?


Anonymous said...

mine are 3 and 1 so getting them to clean up.... not so much. here's to not quitting!

Lisa H said...

Maybe it's a middle child middle one is naturally VERY messy!

His older brother cleans and organizes things regularly, but I can hardly get Jonah to throw his dirty clothes into the laundry basket. :)

I'm definitely feeling your pain!

Anonymous said...

I not only feel your pain I shared it with my daughter (who remains nameless in this blog)when she was about that age and on and on and on. I guess some things we blot out of our memory huh Michelle.
Guess who?

Susan said...

Hate to tell you....but I'm still dealing with this....but now with a 10 year old grandson!!!!

Just Mom said...

All. The. Time.

Sohailah said...

Yes Mom... excellent answer...

Anonymous said...

Not quite feeling it here. You should see my 20 year olds room. You want to talk pain!!!