Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Hair Genes

I was listening to a message delivered by Beth Moore, during which time she shared about her morning “big-hair”. Yep, I can relate! I retire with flat iron, straight hair and some how awake to a wild-do. Secretly I wish the late 80’s big hair trend would come back in-style as it was the one hair style I could not only pull off but did quite well! Remember big hair contests…there was no competition when up against the Michelle-fro!

My hair genes were not passed to either of my girls but to my son. He can get some volume! Here is Blake pictured at a Rugby game. Prior to leaving the house he wet his locks down and put on a baseball cap. While playing ball the hat came off and the do came out…

Hats off to big hair genesme and my boy!


Penless Thoughts said...

No fair. Where is the picture of yours?

Anonymous said...

Actually he's in style. Today all the guys work hard to get that hair style (why I don't know, but they do. I actually thought he didit purposely.

Oh yes, I rmember your big hair days.

He's cute no matter what!

Penless Thoughts said...

You are the winner of my 400th post give away of THE SHACK!!! Please e-mail me your address and it will be put in the mail to you. Congratulations!!!!

Lisa H said...

That is a pretty cute smile he's got to go along with the big hair! ;)

And, like Susan, I was wondering where the picture of YOUR big hair is? Surely you have one! :)

Lisa H said...

I almost forgot to mention this....I have pretty big hair too. Not by choice, mind you, but by genetics also! :) So far my oldest is the only one who has inherited it and he works it into a nice faux-hawk so he doesn't mind it yet.

gaylafriend said...

love it!

i miss those big hair days too... although i really had to work it- didn't have the natch' style that you did! :-)