Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hard of Hearing or Hardly Hearing

Prior to getting to the point of my post let me give you a one-line description of my son, Blake.
Blake is an active, six year old kindergartner and he is definitely MALE.

Rich and I attended a parent/teacher conference for Blake this evening. The meeting was brief and we heard wonderful news regarding Blake’s academic and leadership progress. The part I found staggering occurred while reading through his report card. The little section under Language and Literacy titled, Listening.

Blake scored 4's on all 6 objectives under the Listening Category. 4 being the highest possible mark and by definition indicating “highly competent”.

Let me give you an example of one of the objectives; notably the most bewildering... “I am able to listen attentively to instructions and to respond appropriately.” Score=4…highly competent!

That is as far as I got and I was completely convinced Rich mistakenly grabbed another child's report card. I even asked his teacher if she perhaps made a mistake as the Blake I care for 24/7 would not receive such prestigious results in this particular category. After laughing hysterically his teacher shared that many parents had similar response to their child’s results in the listening category. She then assured me there was no mistake and went as far as to say, he is a wonderful listener.

So I must admit I am confused, how does the same child that listens so wonderfully to his teacher never seem to hear a word I say? Or is this one of the universal questions that bewilders mothers all across the globe?

Guess I can cancel the trip to the ear doctor to have his ears checked. He obviously is not hard of hearing just hardly!


Heidi Jo said...

passionate. i like to call it passionate. active or intense sounds as if they need to be medicated.

Teresa said...

It's universal Michelle. I'm always just thankful that if they are picking somewhere to listen it is in school. :)

The picture makes me so excited to go to Africa next month!
We'll be the white couple sticking out. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is one of the universal questions that bewilders mothers all across the globe.

My three were all just like Blake. Come the think of it, Dave has the same issue. They must have gotten it from him.

michelle f said...

Definitely a male thing. :-)

nickernoodle said...

I worry about Cooper too. I wonder what kind of a student he will be. Thankfully we have one more year before we have to report to the principal's office repeatedly. It is a universal question. Don't worry, we are all with you on this one.

Just Mom said...

My son suffers from selective hearing, too. Doctors say there is no cure.

Momma Roar said...

LOL!! Yep, happens here...but I am both the teacher and the mom - Quintin has a hard time convincing Mom he didn't hear! HAHA