Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Awake Over

9 years of elaborate birthday parties that require much thought, planning and even stress to finally figure out all I needed was puppies and play station!

Skyler decided for her 9th b-day party she wanted to have a sleep over. She invited 4 girls and they did everything but sleep. I think it would be more accurately called an “Awake Over”.

From playing with the puppies to.....

A Singing and Dance Competition (kudos to PS2 Sing Along)

To watching movies (this is as close to sleeping as they got)

Eating pizza, cake & hordes of other junk food

To an all time favorite- Twister

And a South African game, Pass the Parcel

Right down to girlie stuff galore

The party was a hit!

Now for a nap please!


nickernoodle said...

Looks like a blast!!! Where did you get the high school musical cake?! That is what Brooklyn wants for her birthday too. Glad the girls had a blast!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful group of girls!! I remember sleep over parties (or awake parties) very well.

Glad she had fun. Happy birthday (early) Skyler!!! We love you.
Mom (Grandma Millie)

Penless Thoughts said...

Times to remember!!! When I saw the title I "knew" what was coming!!! Had too many of them with my girls not to know :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what I have to look forward too!! :)

Happy birthday Skyler! And thanks for your email birthday reminder and the request for an e card! :)

Aunt Jenny

michelle f said...

I made and frosted the cake all by myself--good ole AMerican Pillsbury. :-) And to prettify it I had a picture scanned onto Rice paper. Easy Pesy!

Just Mom said...

LOL. An "Awake Over." Yup, my friends and I used to do lots of those.

What a wonderful birthday for a wonderful young lady.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, I think I'm still recovering from all those sleep overs at our house...ugh! It's no wonder that the one who loved the sleep overs later thought that a mission trip with 100+ kids was a great way to have a giant sleep over in other countries...go figure.

Looks like a great time!

Heidi Jo said...

isn't it amazing how sleep seems totally uneccessary for the young? meanwhile we're dying for a nap at 3PM?

looks like a great party, mom...way to go!

Lisa H said...

Looks like a lot of fun--you do great birthdays!

Happy Birthday Skyler! :)