Friday, April 25, 2008

More Holidays?

South Africa has a ridiculous amount of holidays especially during the months of May and April. For example, next week- Monday, Thursday and Friday are all public holidays. The humorous thing (to me at least) is the reason Friday is a holiday is because Human Rights day fell on the same day as Good Friday. So to keep from dealing with disgruntled employees (because they "missed" a day off) the President declared this next Friday a public holiday. The kid’s school decided why even come back for 2 days so they gave students the whole week off. So un-American like eh? And they wonder why the economy is plummeting.

So with our week holiday we are heading to the coast. Thought might as well take advantage of it and hopefully soak up the last of the warm weather (praying there will be some).

My internet will be limited which equates to less blog time (boo-hoo) but I will try to check in on you all! To avoid Franzenfam withdrawals (ha!) I am inserting links to 2 of my top favorite posts.

To read Grasping Heaven, click here.
Ginger, if I am not mistaken this is the post we “met” on and I am so glad we did. Don’t worry I won’t link the post most of my other readers “started” on....but I guess I'll will give you a hint....

And to read a funny post about my Cool boy and his Cool perspective on the African culture click here.

Hope you enjoy! Be back in a week!


Just Mom said...

LOL! A** cake! ROFL.

ah, the memories.

Lisa H said...

Loved the flash-back posts, but the *ahem* cake one is my all time favorite! :)

Hope you enjoy your break and some warm weather!

Momma Roar said...

Enjoyed reading the posts from the past. When I first started blogging, I remember following a link (perhaps from Just Mom's) to the cake! A good laugh for sure!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week of holidays! We are having a nice week of rain...does that compare? ;-)

gaylafriend said...

Australia does the same w/ hols. The Queen's b-day is celebrated on a different day in each state, depending on which month needed an extra holiday in that state. NONE of them are the REAL Queen's B-day!!! Hilarious!

Have fun!!! Hope it's warm!!!

Penless Thoughts said...