Monday, February 18, 2008

Ode to My Trampoline

I fondly remember the early days of marriage. When we lived in a one bedroom shoebox most people referred to as an apartment. It was so small we could vacuum the entire place from one outlet. Our furniture consisted of a couch and love seat that someone gave us, our dining table was moving boxes covered with a table cloth and 2 bar stools and our bedroom furniture was Rich’s black lacquer groovin’ 70’s stuff from high school. Yea, I know what you’re thinking---it had to be love.

The worst of it was our bed. It was a double mattress Rich somehow gained from his college dorm apartment. After 2 nights with my 6’2” man, sinking in the middle of this horrid mattress we decided love just wasn’t enough….we needed Sealy!

Our first major purchase as a married couple was a wave-less water mattress. Hey, we were newly weds what did you expect we’d get…..hee!

Thankfully we’ve outlasted most of those early day furnishings…especially the lacquer dresser with brass trim and gargantuan round mirror. Everything except the water mattress. It has been with us the last 13 years; that is until last week.

Over the years our beloved mattress has had a few leaks. Early last week we had yet another. I asked Rich, so to be prepared, to show me how to patch it if it sprung a leak again but while he is away (since it will be for soooo long). He replied, “It will be fine.” You know what they say about famous last words…that night as I retired to bed we did not just have a leak but a flood. We spent the next hour draining the entire bed, had to sleep in separate rooms (hey, what’s one more night away…ugh) and in the morning purchased a brand new mattress.

The other day as I snuck away for a mini-nap (yea right) Tori promptly came to find me. As I lifted her up on the bed with me she uttered, “Mommy, you get a new trampoline?”
Um yea she was referring to the mattress…..

And now we know why the last one had so many leaks!

I do miss my old trampoline!


Penless Thoughts said...

You make me smile!

gaylafriend said...

congrats on the new mattress, but I'm sorry you have to break it in alone. :-(

Anonymous said...

I remember getting rid of our waterbed. The new matress was amazing. I have spent the last several years just enjoying my bed!

Teresa said...

We recently purchased a new bed also. Robb's mom got us a bed when we got married almost 12 years ago and it was time to invest in a new one. We went with a Simmons and we LOVE it.

Congrats on your new bed/trampoline. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog made me shudder as our waterbed is even older (l6 years) and Dad keeps saying we need to think about getting a new one; that would be great if only they were free huh?
That is so funny that Tori called it a trampoline. Leave it to kids to make us laugh and turn the unpleasant into fun.
How do you like the new mattress?

Vern said...

Oh, my, my! How will I sleep tonight knowing that our water mattress is almost, gulp, (gulp, gulp and more gulps) twenty, I said two zero (20) years old (7300days or 175,200 hours). Should I only count the hours we slept in it? I'll sleep on that question for a night or two or maybe a year or two. I'll answer that later if I don't drown while asleep!
P.S. We will have to remember more details in are prayer for you, my complicated daughter!

Molly said...

At least you had a waveless waterbed. Matt had the real thing -- it lasted until I was pregnant with Caleb and couldn't get out of the bed byself. I wasn't sad to see it go : ) I think we tried to sell it at a garage sale at YOUR house and ended up just tossing it in a dumpster. Sigh.

michelle f said...

Okay Mol I totally remember your waterbed and the garage sale. Same sale we paired up our blk laquer stuff with the Benders as they had pieces almost identical and we ended up with an entire bedroom set. We sold it to the little 7 year old boy down the street. Ah...memories.

Oh and I'm not so happy with the mattress! On the bright side I guess I only have 13 years until I can get a new one. :-)

nickernoodle said...

I wonder if its time to get a new one for us! Mine is almost 15 years old and I have been waking up with back aches lately.

Heidi Jo said...

umm, sure---blame it on tori michelle.

Lisa H said...

That's pretty funny! Aren't you so glad that it happened before Rich was gone?

I was talking to Kelly last night and she told me that your husband stopped by their house this week. It reminded me to pray for you--I know how hard it can be to have a husband traveling, but I have no idea how it must feel to have a husband half the world away for an entire month! I hope the time is passing quickly for you and the kids. :)