Friday, February 15, 2008

Sunset Review

As the sun sets on the end of a week (well on this side of the globe anyway) I thought I’d post a review of some of the highlights of my week…

In the Dark?
Let’s see since our 17 hour power cut and state of emergency announcement about the SA’s electricity shortage we’ve only had 1 cut. Guess that is good news; praying it continues (the lack of cuts not the shortage)

Rich and I had a wonderful early Valentine dinner…it was exquisite! However I will be dateless for the next MONTH as he left for America on V-Day.

Skyler is studying spiders in school and has been mesmerized by it. I’ve learned that we have a large population of spiders outside and inside my house as she and her brother have successfully captured and caged many. Hoping this study will end soon so my flashbacks to Arachnophobia the movie cease.

Did I mention that my husband left me for a whole month?

I started Beth Moore’s study on Daniel with a group of ladies who are also in ministry. It was only the first lesson and I already LOVE it!

Rich is gone…oh yea, I mentioned that didn’t I…but did I mention that he will be gone 6 weeks over the course of a 3 month period?

Quote of the week
“Mom you are the best cooker in the whole world.” Blake
Amazing what one can do with chicken nuggets, pizza and spaghetti!

Mi hubbyo es Gone-O (Good thing I live in Africa as my Espanol es muy mal!)

Weekend Trivia
In South Africa traffic lights are called robots and you put stuff in the boot of your bakkie (trunk of your car).

29 days and counting
I know I sound bitter that my husband is gone but I am not. I don’t like it nor does he but we both know it is for a very good reason and in it we will find God’s grace. And I just realized he has been gone 24 hours so 1 day down…..29 more to go!

Okay please pray!!!


nickernoodle said...

How about you pack your bags, bring the kids and come to SD and we can have snowball fights, sledding, hot chocolate, and meet a big group of bloggers?! That would pass the time by pretty fast!

Heidi Jo said...

ya know what? just reading about your husband being gone for that long made me realize that i need to hug and kiss mine with a renewed thankfulness that he rarely is gone.

i will pray for you this month michelle. even though you are great at keeping a sense of humor through has to be HARD!

Karenkool said...

It's a long time to be away... hang in their girlfriend. We're here for ya. ;-)

gaylafriend said...

prayin' for ya!!! God will be good and give you lots of grace for this time.

go girl, on those chicken nugs! just keep 'em out of the boot of your bakkie or the robots may get you. ha!

Momma Roar said...

Hang in there friend! And you just go ahead and eat those cupcakes yourself!!!!!

Just Mom said...

Great update about you and your kids. What's your hubby doing, again?

Penless Thoughts said...

The sunset is beautiful. Soooo sorry your hubby is going to be gone for so lone :o( We've had periods of necessity like that and they are hard. I will keep you both in our prayers.

michelle f said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments and prayers. Really appreciate them!

Rich spent 2 weeks away already on various minsitry events (preaching and teaching) we've had here in Africa.

He is now in the States on a big fundraising trip---we have some big things coming down the pipeline--starting preschools in some of the camps we are working in, new ministry facilities, training events and materials. So we are working on some funding for aspects of each of these!

Anonymous said...

Good things come to those who wait. I know you will be thrilled to get your guy back and thrilled to hear what blessings the Lord is bringing your way because of Rich's travels.

I love the good cooker comment. My kids used to say that, too.

Hang in there and keep posting...we will keep praying!

Penless Thoughts said...

I finally got to answering your question for my blogoversary. Come and check it out. Going to e-mail you. Watch for it.

Lisa H said...

I'm sure it's hard to have Rich gone for so long--I'll be praying for you and the kids.

Umm...spiders in the house? Ewww! Are the spiders in SA worse than the spiders in East Texas? :)

Teresa said...

I'm prayin' for ya too, Michelle.

Molly said...

I did Beth Moore's Daniel last year -- LOVED IT!!! I'm doing Kay Arthur's Covenant now -- did we do that together at TM? Loved it then, loving it now.
It's tough single-momming it -- I'll be praying for you guys!!
Love you - Molly