Monday, February 25, 2008

gala2 [ˈgaːlə, ˈgeilə; (American) ˈgeilə] noun
a meeting for certain sports
Example: a swimming gala

Weekend Trivia was....
Skyler was in a Gala at school; what activity did she participate in? The hint was that she wore a costume.

We had one right guess; swimming meets are called gala's here. And a bathing suit denotes a costume.

Can get a bit confusing for the American living abroad. When we were new to the country I almost sent Skyler to a birthday party dressed in her favorite princess costume after reading on the invitation: "bring costumes".

Gayla, to anwser your question, it is actually pronounced "Garla" as the "a" as we know it is pronounced with an "er" sound here.

Things that make you go hmmmm!


michelle f said...

Oh and by the way she did very well. She was first place in the backstroke and free-style.

In fact the swimming coach recruited her for the swim team but when the flattery wore off and she realized all the hard work (practice most everyday) she decided against it. Phew--selfishly I was thankful as my afternoons are busy enough. :-)

gaylafriend said...

Well, however they pronounce it, I hope you hear "gayla" in your mind and think of me. :-)

cute photo of swimming skylar, btw!

Leah said...

that girl is just beautiful... she reminds me of Jenny with those eyes and dark hair!

Heidi Jo said...

beautiful picture of skylar!

i love the costume story mix up...very funny.

Teresa said...

Costumes = swimming suits. Got it.


Kazahn said...

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