Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Week in Review

These reviews seem to give me an excuse for not posting everyday. And it is a guarantee to my readers that it will be my one and only long post of the week.

Obviously if you read yesterday's post you know we celebrated a special birthday in our household this week thus Blake being the featured post picture. (don't ask about the face paint as I'm not really sure what he was hoping for)

Tonsillitis and Sleeping Pills
Blake started a fever accompanied by a fiery red throat over the weekend. The prognosis, Tonsillitis, and home from school two days. He was ecstatic to be back romping around the school halls on Wednesday.

I thought Tori was coming down with it too when she fell asleep on the couch at 11:30 a.m. Monday morning and at 4:15 p.m. she was still sleeping. I later found out that she got into some sleeping pills that were in my nightstand. FORTUNATLY, they are homeopathic so a trip to the hospital for a stomach pump was not necessary. It did give me an idea though; if things get too much with Rich gone I can give the kids some Rescue (the pills) and expect to have a quiet afternoon. I’m only kidding or at least half kidding so don’t call child services on me!

Weekend Trivia
Skyler had a school Gala this week. What type of activity was she engaged in at the Gala?

1) Swimming- Swim Meet
2) Dancing- Dance contest
3) A Festival

I will give you a hint; she had to wear her costume.

In Ministry
Our outreach schedule is at a bit of a lull with Rich and Marci (co-worker) stateside and our newest staff member whom I will blog about soon (he is so cool) is in Zimbabwe setting up a youth conference we will do in September. He is also proposing to his girl! (He is Zimbabwean as is she) If all goes well, Rich and I will be attending an Zimbabwean wedding in March.

I am supposed to be writing our Impact Africa staff manual but supposed to would be the key words. My writing parameters require blocks of uninterrupted, quiet time. And for all the moms reading you know that is quite a rarity when children are involved!

Things I have learned while my husband is away….
I can put a Bionicle together, I pray a lot more for Rich when he is away than when he is here (sad I know) and for myself..hee! How to get the electric garage door open when the power is out and that I am ready for bed by 8:00 p.m.

1 week down…
...that Rich is away; 3 more to go! Thanks for your prayers; I definitely felt them this week!


nickernoodle said...

Let's guess is Sklyar was dancing. Just a guess though. I can't believe Tori found your sleeping pills! Glad she is okay but I bet it scared you a little! Hopefully the next three weeks will go by smoothly and quickly for you.

Penless Thoughts said...

As I started reading this I thought, "Well she has one week behind her." I had the toncil bit so bad as a kid and finally had them out in 6th grade. I don't think they do that much now, but it was quite common when I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Tori. When Jenna was her age we went to a hotel. Jen was always up at 5AM. I told in kidding to take a sleeping pill if she woke up early. We all woke at 9AM to find her still sleeping. Ikes! She found my pills. It was a peaceful morning, but I sure learned to watch my words with her.

Hang in there girlfriend! You are being lifted up.

Just Mom said...

sleeping pills....

now why hadn't i thought of that.... ;-D

Teresa said...

One week down! Yay!

The birthday boy looks so handsome.

Yikes, I would have been freaking about the sleeping pills. So glad she just got a restful nap. (and you some time to get things done) :)

Lisa H said...

I love the sleeping pills idea...Ha! Benadril used to make my little boys sleepy and I used to threaten to use it whenever I needed a break! :)

And I'm guessing dancing on the trivia question.

Yay for one week down! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, what's a bionicle?

Daugher, you need to be more careful with your pills! (of course a Mom comment).


purposedtrek said...

Employee Manual - eehem! Can't you give all three kids a Rescue? ;) That will give you some peace a quiet and something for me to review when I return Monday.

her said...

I'm gonna guess swimming - because isn't costume the British version of a bathing suit? :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

gaylafriend said...

i just want to know how they pronounce 'gala'... "gall-a" or the RIGHT way "Gayla"? :-)

congrats on that bionicle... i tried once and only got a leg done before i handed it over to daddy. ca-razy.

and the homeopathic sleeping pills... hey! do what you have to do! we're not here to judge you! your hubby is away and you gotta do whatever it takes. tell me the brand because my kids (i mean I) might need some 'rescue' sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

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michelle f said...

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