Monday, December 17, 2007

Victoria is ff-ree!

Despite the fact that Tori felt her being potty trained was the magical moment turning her ff-ree (three), today was her actual birthday.

What do I say about this precious little girl? She's been unique from the get-go. From a surprise beginning (I'll spare you the details) to a unique birth in a foreign country (click here to read about it) her uniqueness has filled these past 3 years with much joy.

Happy Birthday Victoria Amira, you are my precious baby girl and I love you dearly!

Oh and those permanent bags under my eyes are because of you!


Just Mom said...

Happy Birthday to a little girl who is as beautiful as her momma.

Heidi Jo said...

happy birthday pretty baby! isn't it bitter sweet to have these milestones with your baby though michelle? i am holding onto andrew's 'babiness' even though he is a toddling two year old- for all it's worth.

nickernoodle said...

Happy Birthday Tori!!! She is such a cutie! Hope she has a wonderful birthday. Hey, isn't it time for another?! ;)

Beth said...

Oh, your "bags" (not that I can actually see them) are beautiful. I say go for child #4 and add some crows feet. : )

She is absolutely beautiful! It is so cute how she looks just like you and Skyler just like Rich.

Happy Birthday Tori! (and Cole) : )

Lisa H said...

Happy Birthday Tori!

Beautiful picture, Michelle. Just beautiful.

Hope you guys have a fun day celebrating! :)

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

I think she looks just like Rich. Either way she is beautiful.

We are praying for the Franzenfam as we look at your faces on our card.

We have a newscaster names Michelle Franzen. Everytime she is on David says, "Michelle Franzen?!" You are way prettier than her :o)

Happy Birthday to your little beauty.

Anonymous said...

I still think she looks like me! :)

Happy Birthday to my little Tori! :) I miss her and you all so much. Maybe next year we can celebrate Christmas together.

Love you!

michelle f said...

I can possibly take credit for the blond hair and blue eyes but other than that she has a lot of the Franzen genes.

My boy is the only one that seems to resemble the Baumruk clan. He is pretty darn handsome so I am happy to take that credit. :-)

sarah said...

Oh Michelle...I read Tori's birth story and laughed out loud as I recalled some of my experiences in Botswana. My "sister" too asked me if I wanted some tea....."uh no thanks!" No time for drugs for me....Andrew came quick and that was okay. What a beautiful story.....what a beautiful little girl!

Momma Roar said...

Happy Birthday (belated) to your precious little girl! My daughter just turned 3 on the 16th! And she's "ff-ree" too!!

Sorry it has taken me a bit to stop back over and visit! Merry Christmas!!

gaylafriend said...

Happy BIRTH day to YOU, Michelle!!! :-) She's a beauty...

Lori said...

Happy 3rd birthday your little girl. That is a beaufiful pictue of the two of your.

Penless Thoughts said...

So sweet!!!