Friday, May 04, 2007

Tooth Fairy Part II

You may recall my post about my daughter’s expectation of a tooth snatching, composition writing tooth fairy. Well Skyler continues to lose teeth at a rapid rate. If this continues we will have to seek further monthly support (ha). And yes, the “tooth fairy” has been leaving notes along with the token 20 rand.

A friend summed up another one of Skyler’s stalwart skills so well with the following statement: “She was negotiating from the womb”. Skyler is a negotiator; always has been and always will be….inherited this trait from her daddy!

So now she not only got the tooth fairy to leave her notes but she is negotiating with her (I am assuming the TF is a her but you never know these days) for more money.

This week’s note that accompanied her lost tooth read:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
"Thank you for all the money you have given me and for taking the time to write me notes. I do want to ask you a question, Why do I only get R20 for a lost tooth? And don’t say that is what all the children get as I have asked my friends and they ALL (and yes, she capitalized this for emphasis) get more than me…some R50, some R60 and one even got R100. (Brief break for my comment to that--What are moms these days thinking setting the tooth fairy bar so high?) Skyler’s note continued.....Anyway, thank you but please remember to be fair to ALL children."
Love, Skyler

So did it work? Of course, she deserved more money for creativity alone and I am a sucker for that toothless grin. Here is my response as you must remember not to reply would result in a catastrophic outcome….

Dear Skyler,
"Thank you for your note. You are a very bright girl and I love your new pretty smile. To answer your question, every child has their own tooth fairy. Each tooth fairy has to pay for fairy dust in order to fly (see watching Disney shows can be beneficial got that one thanks to Peter Pan) and some fairies have to fly farther than others. I live very far away and have to pay a lot for fairy dust as a result. Usually, I am only left with R20 by the time I get to you however this time I tried a new route and saved an extra R15 for you. Oh, and be nice to your mom she is really cool!"
Love, The Tooth Fairy

I wish she still believed in Santa Claus, it was a whole lot easier than this tooth fairy thing!


Karen said...

This is one of the funniest stories I've heard in a long time--and I know funny! :-D You guys crack me up.

Lisa H said...

That is great--you are pretty creative! :) Your stories concern me though--I think I have a "born negotiator" too!

Heidi Jo said...

so glad to hear that i'm not the only mom who caves to logical, well-thought out reasoning. (the extra donut-hole)

the fact that you answered her with such creativity shows exactly where she gets that from...blame dad for the negotiator skills- but it's definitely mom fueling the creativity:-)

Penless Thoughts said...

This girl is going to go FAR in life!!! I'd have caved in too!! Your family sound fun and very loving.

Lori B said...

That is one cute story. I love how she writes notes to the tooth fairy.
And that the tooth fairy wrote her back too.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.
Cute photo of her.

Sohailah said...

You're saving those notes, right? Absolutely priceless - thank you for the delicious laugh!

~ Amy ~ said...

Oh, what a cool mom you are. I love the letters you both wrote. My son is about missing more teeth than he has left in his mouth - well, at least it seems like it. I honestly was going to fork out a little money for his first tooth that came out but plum forgot that night and figured - ahhh, just for get it now. Look at the fun I'm missing out on. Shucks!

Teresa said...

My Hunter is a thinker too and I can only imagine what we will go through when he starts losing teeth. :) I love little imaginations! Your Skyler will move mountains with her negotiating skills! Go Skyler!

Jane-Jane said...


Anonymous said...

Amen to Karen, great and funny story. Love that little girl.

We never did the tooth fairy. Good thing cuz one of the kids lost 8 teeth at once, ouch!

Just Mom said...

Some kids (me) didn't get any money just for losing teeth. I would have taken "the token 20 rand." Very cute story, Michelle, and very cute kid.

Dawnelle said...

That letter she wrote is so cute. I would have caved, too, reading that. How much is R20, anyway?

Beth said...

She is sooo smart! Loved your reply. I'm embarrassed to say how much our toothfairy leaves . . . just remember that once you set the bar high, there is no going back! : )

Tami said...

I loved your tooth fairy story.
We haven't done the tooth fairy yet. My daughter it only 3. But, we have a fairy house in the front yard and we leave notes for the 2 fairies renting it. We leave them notes and they leave the girls notes and presents. I plan to scrap book all the notes and pictures we take. This is such fun for me. Makes me feel like a kid again. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Michelle Franzen said...

The rand is approx 7 to the dollar making R20 approx $2.50.

We don't give allowance so for the random lost tooth this works for us....she is also a really easy kid to bless-- so grateful and so generous (sorry- did not mean to brag but I am really proud of her!)

Anonymous said...

Michelle, one blogger rule you forget and the Blogger queen never posted, "You always have the right to brag about your own kid!" If she's great - GO FOR IT! When you are blessed with a wonderful child you as her mom have every right to shout it to the world.

Sometimes we even need to really brag about the ones that give us gray hairs :) All are precious in His sight!