Thursday, May 17, 2007

African Humor

Definitely my mood today....wish I was just lion around!


Heidi Jo said...

i think it's so cool that you are experiencing a completely different season than most of us americans. i love that you are sharing with us...i feel more cultured already.

that is an awesome picture in the leaves!

Jane-Jane said...

ditto on heidi jo's comment!

everyone needs a good lion around day every so often! Rest my sister, Jesus did! And we are called to be like Him!

melissa said...

ah yes... some of the photos were very "za-za" but we had a BLAST taking them! now i just can't wait to see the wedding photos!

Fun catching up with you and your fam! my how they have grown! it seems like ages ago that we lived in your house. loved that place!

keep in touch!
-melissa hinnant (palmer)

Teresa said...

I feel a little like the lion today also. The weather is supposed to be sunny and 70 degrees today so I need to find some energy to enjoy the day. I can't wait to see more Fall pictures from you...that is my favorite season and because of you I will get to enjoy it twice this year!

Jane-Jane said...

part 2 is coming... don't ya just hate how a "pregnant pause" causes ya to think!?! You can thank Dr. Wagner at CIU for teaching me to pause and think!

God has truly turned my life upside down... I have to share that with everyone!

Just Mom said...

Love your sense of humor.

That photo of the lions is fabulous. Did you take that? I also like the one of your kiddo in the pile of leaves.

BTW ... I forgot about the time difference.

Anonymous said...

No "lion" around here today. We worked our butts off around here to get that spring yard work done...not quiet done though.

Love the photo...I think it's Blake. Am I right?

Everytime I see the kids pics I will forever be reminded of Tory looking at Alicia's little girl pic and thinking it was herself. That one was just too cute!

Lori B said...

I wish I could be that lion too and relax and take a break. Maybe tomorrow.

Great picture!