Friday, May 18, 2007

Fashion Friday

This post brought to you by my two year old.....

Tori adorned herself in this outfit. She is sporting what she calls “daddy’s shirt” as Rich brought it back for her from Madagascar. The skirt is an array of colors as you can see and you mustn’t miss the red gym shoes. Under her hat her hair is uncombed and has at least 6 different colored barrettes which she put in herself. As for the hat well actually it kind of matches the skirt. Hey, at least she knows that a good hand bag always makes a girl feel prettier never mind that hers is metallic pink and matches nothing of her rainbow attire.

As you can see she was quite proud of her eclectic arrangement....a nice little pose for the camera. Notice the leg up, head back and she was actually puckering her lips….not sure where she learned ‘to work it’ but she had the modeling poses down.

Well you know where to find us if you need any fashion tips!


Anonymous said...

That is just too funny, Michelle. What a cutie pie. Can't wait to hold her in person - am counting the days.

Lori B said...

She is cute!!
My kids like to dress themselves sometimes too and don't always come out with matching clothes.

Heidi Jo said...

seriously, i love the skirt!

olivia does the same thing, only she's not two! her favorite combo is a 3 sizes too small red/floral tank and cardigan (oh yeah velvet, i might add) paired with a purple skirt.

she looks smokin'!

Teresa said...

Tori....YOU GO GIRL!!!

Just Mom said...


Penless Thoughts said...

Such innocense. Too bad we lose that along the way.

Anonymous said...

At least she is not wearing cowboy boots. That was the favorite of one of my kids. Thank heaven today she is the queen of accessories.
Love that little Tori!

gaylafriend said...

awesome, Michelle!

I have been slack on the comments lately... things have been ca-razy! Mick leaves for SA in 2 weeks! He's very excited. More details soon in my blog... hopefully... :-)