Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Per Your Request

It was requested I post pictures of the elated recipients of the beanie babies. I must make a correction as when I posted about it I mentioned we were given 100 beanie babies when in actuality it was 100 pounds of beanie babies….yea there was a boat load! Here are a few of the happy faces!

Since we are on the subject I thought I would share about another fun endeavor we did end of last year…..

This past December we had a big Christmas Celebration in one of the poverty stricken areas near us. We targeted the children with an emphasis to tangibly show them the love of Christ. Kids adorned in ratty clothes spent the day jumping on inflatable jumping castles, eating sweets, playing games, and watching puppet shows. They left with smiling, painted faces, upset stomachs (from too much sugar), prizes, their very own Christmas present and for most the Lord in their hearts. We’ve posted some of the pictures in the photo gallery of our ­website if you would like to take a gander!

Our ministry does a few different things with and for the people of Africa. Where humanitarian aid isn’t a primary focus we try to incorporate it in different ministry ventures. And although it is a mere drop in the bucket to what is needed here it is definitely one of the highlights for me…..the joy it brings is just awesome!



Shanygne said...

How fun!! 100 lbs of Beanie Babies!! That's amazing...

Jay Emm said...

I enjoyed reading your Ministry Travels blog so much...AND a strange thing happened along the way!
I have recently retired from a labour of love [due to encroaching old age :o)] I worked with the Native people for years in the far North of Ontario; around the James Bay coast. My maing focus was on bringing health and life supports to them so that they weren't 'forced' to move to the cities of the South where they would lose their language and culture so quickly.
One day I came across a woman in her sixties who lived alone, but with her grandson in a shack not too far away. Her name was Go-Go Shuganqued, she was of the Oji-Cree people, a local Elder and very wonderful woman. Go-Go one day, when we sat by the frozen lake near her home, took my hand and pressed it to her heart. She spoke no Englash and I very little Oji-Cree. She told me that I had an 'Indian' heart as I had learned from the great teachings and I was one with her people. This short moment in my life gave me the strength to continue in my work and sense , for the first time, the real spirit needs of her people.
God bless you with you Ministry..I can only keep in touch without the arduous travel of the past and I miss the people so much.

Anonymous said...

Makes my heart long to be with you and apart of what you are doing. I'm glad my daughter has had the chance to touch the world bit by bit. You are in my prayers! Beto's grandparents have been missionaries in Mexico for over 40 years. We have become email friends. They are moving into their very first new home and she's begging for us to come. Beto would love for us to do a mission trip and see where he was born. That is on my prayer list :)