Monday, January 15, 2007

Friends Forever

A few months ago I blogged about a special new friend, Gogo Joanna that I met along my ministry travels. We met in July of last year and I had the awesome privilege of telling her about Jesus. I tried to visit her often bringing her sweets and biscuits (cookies) by request.

I met precious baby Noah via cyberspace just 1 month later, August of 2006. He captured my heart and his parents love and faith is nothing less than inspiring!

Both new friends from different walks of life….one old and grey the other just beginning life……one born into a God-fearing family full of faith the other learning children’s bible stories only in her 80’s. Born oceans a part with generations between them yet both have one thing in common;the most important thing in my opinion……they are with their Lord afresh and anew right now.

I did not know either of them very well yet I fell in love with them like they were my own flesh and blood. Both went Home last week. I can’t help but wonder if they’ve met? I envision baby Noah cuddled up on Gogo (grandma) Joanna’s lap both full of laughter and eating biscuits!

Although it was only a short time that I knew these two, my life has been enriched by both. Gogo Joanna and baby Noah I will see you in heaven one day soon and for that I am truly grateful!


Ginger said...

Michelle, I have NO doubt! My dream was a very real gift from God. We will see those we know and those we never met, but somehow feel that connection to. Heaven, I will see you there, my friend, if not before on this earth. Blogging is fun, but I'm always amazed at our connection through our Lord and Savior...Oh how sweet it is!
Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing.

Beth said...

Michelle, what a beautiful picture—Gogo Joanna holding Baby Noah. Isn’t is amazing God brought you into this woman’s life just as she stood near the edge of eternity? I am so thankful you and Rich are doing what you are doing!

Shanygne said...

Abolutely lovely... Heaven has become more real since losing Morgen... knowing that she is up there playing and laughing and dancing for Jesus... makes me want to be there even more...

I can't wait, and I think I would give up much on this earth to finally be there...what a glorious day that will be!! Love you, Michelle!

I love that the girls were both reading LW at the same time...Emily thought that was sooo cool!

stolmit said...

I can't hold back the tears.

Beautiful entry, Michelle.

Debbie said...

Thanks so much for sharing that. It's a beautiful picture for me to visualize.

Michelle Franzen said...

Debbie Woolsey?? I know it is you as I found your profile but no blog? Are you just a commentor or do you have a blog? If you do I would love to visit it!