Friday, January 05, 2007

The Last Dance

A new school year starts next week ending my kids 6 week long summer break. I must admit I thought we would all be at each other’s throats by now but the time passed quickly and it has been a lot of fun.

In light of this we decided to get one more ‘fun in the sun’ day in with the kids before the daily rigmarole starts.

We joined some friends and took a day trip to the spectacular Valley of the Waves at Sun City…aka- huge water park and simulated beach. Definitely a 1st world experience which intensifies the dichotomy here as we passed numerous squatter camps on the way (very poor areas with people living in tin shacks).

We returned home tired and sunburned…the marks of a great fun-filled day at ‘the beach’! I am now ready to get down to business….which is good timing as a small team arrives today. Which also means my Starbucks Christmas blend (my favorite coffee blend) is on its way….I will definitely be ready for business with a cup of freshly brewed SB in hand!

Here’s to a productive, coffee filled, New Year!


Beth said...

Cute picture! Glad you had a great day! :)

Ginger said...

I still can't imagine the weather. I have you listed on my home page with the weather. It says a high of 81 right now. We had a high of 51 today. That's really warm for Michigan in January. Not quite bathing suit weather, though. Life is somewhat different on your side of the world. I saw an Oprah special about South Africa and a girls school she was opening near you. I loved the way the girls spoke. I thought about the post you wrote about the different way of speech over there. I am very fancinated. Again, my sheltered life leaves me in such awe.