Sunday, January 07, 2007

Feliz Navidad....again?

As excited I was for the Christmas holidays I was just as ready for the decorations to be packed away nicely in the garage and a new year to begin. I enjoy the freshness a new year brings. Another 365 days filled with new adventures, new opportunities and new memories to be made. The ironic part is that our January is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Not with decorations and definitely no snow but being an ocean away things take longer to arrive. For example, I visited our PO Box the other day and it was jammed full of Christmas cards and letters. Now I must admit I don’t care when in the year these show up I sure enjoy seeing the fun photos and reading the letters. (Thanks to all my blog friends that sent one our way).

We also had a team arrive from the USA this week to join us in our mission endeavors. Along with the team came a myriad of belated Christmas presents. A friend of ours also sent us 100 beanie babies to use in our ministry activities. When my kids spotted the 2 suitcases full of these furry little friends they definitely thought Christmas was here once again and that Santa had been real generous. As the ooo’s and ahh’s spewed from their mouths while rummaging through the animals, I reminded them that these were for the boys and girls that don’t have toys. Inevitably they each ended up with one to call their own.

I will continue to enjoy the cards that arrive while partaking of the yummy treats sent our way that cannot be purchased here. And all my Alias questions will finally be answered along with Michael Vaughns true identity revealed in the final season we just received!

So why the picture of slippers? Well for one I couldn’t find the photo of me and Jennifer Gardner and two, I couldn’t find ‘summer’ Christmas PJ’s for the kids this year but I did find these fun slippers. Aren’t they cute? I just love slippers…I would wear them all day long if I could! (See Karen, I clearly haven’t had a pedicure in a long time either!)


Anonymous said...

Love the slippers. I'm attached to mine too - they go everywhere with me. If I ever leave them behind on accident I go through major withdrawal.


karenkool said...

Yes you have!!!! Just look at your beautiful toes, all painted pink! I don't wear slippers. I go barefoot all the time, which may be why my heels are razor sharp! Although I do have a pair of slippers similar to the ones in your picture. Could be a novel idea!!! Thanks.

Beth said...

Cute picture! So glad you're receiving lots of after Christmas fun.

I wish you could visit the States more often. Though keeping up with you guys this way is really, really great . . . it would be fun to see you sometimes too. :)

Please post pictures of the kids getting beanies—how fun!

Ginger said...

The picture is too cute! I used to love buying cute slippers for my girls. Alicia got nice, warm ones from her boyfriend for Christmas this year..she loves them. I'm not sure if it's because they are warm or if it's because they are from Alfred :)

Michelle Franzen said...

Beth, I am assuming you meant a picture of the African children with their new treasures opposed to my children each getting one? :-) I did capture some happy faces as we have been handing them out that I can post.

Well Rich is heading your way in Feb--will be at TM for Summit but unfortuantely the kids and I will stay behind. Soon!

michelle arnold said...

Love the picture of the slippers! I wouldn't mind celebrating the gift part of Christmas again, but if I have to look at one more Christmas light or decoration, I couldn't handle that!

I agree with Beth- the beanie pictures would be great to see!

rae said...

Hey Michelle! Great picture of the slippers. You have inspired me to take some time to do my toenails tonight! :)
So I met some people that know you and Rich. We visited a church in Rochester, NY. The pastor is Pierre Du Plessis (of Johannesburg, SA). His sister in law Sharon is actually the one who knew of you. She said her husband knows your husband. Of course I can't remember their last name so i'm sure that doesn't help!

Janelle said...

Adorable toes and slippers all around! Isn't it fun to do girly things as a mom?

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Rich,
Jeff and I have checked your site a few times. You all have a beautiful family and it's so great to read about all that is going on with you. May God continue to bless all that you are doing. The Riglers