Monday, December 13, 2010

A Recipe for One Happy Girl

Take one medium size pool

Add a "water slide"

Stir in 50 water balloons, squirt guns and over-sized, blow-up balls

Add Special Friends (13 to be exact)

Mix in some fun games

Perhaps even a homemade pinata

(any guesses as to what it is supposed to be?)

Gather lots of sweets

Add a dolphin cake cream of course

Combine all ingredients and let stand (run, play) for 2 hours. Take a look at the finished product...

One happy girl, who happens to be turning 6!


Lisa H said...

Fun party! My Jonah turns six in February, but somehow I don't think it's going to be warm enough for a pool party over here. ;)

And that pinata is TOTALLY an octopus...and an adorable one at that!

Looks like you threw a great party.

Heidi Jo said...

six? really? that looks like something this 30-something would enjoy as well!

michelle said...

Lisa you get the "nice award".

My family wondered why I made an "alien" for a Under the Sea b-day party.

Heidi, I love your profile pic!

Anonymous said...

You have the best parties hands downs!

Happy Birthday to your little beauty!

Just Mom said...

Sweet! .... and Suh-weet! Love your parties. :-D

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.