Monday, December 27, 2010

Franzenfam Christmas- African Style

As a family we had a wonderful opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer to a handful of kids in Diepsloot...

Returning home we were enveloped with the aroma of cinnamon and easily consumed these..

There were plenty of smiles throughout the day

A delicious picnic...even my food is monochromatic. :)

Thanks to technology we were able to celebrate with both sides of family Stateside.

Our precious niece Ella made sure we were a special part of the NY Franzenfam gift opening.

We retired after an amazing day of celebrating our Saviour, embracing sweet memories and new soft presents from Christmas Day.

Time to start making out my Christmas list for next year as it will be here before we know it!


~Ginger said...

I Love Lucy! I'm a bit jealous. What a great gift!

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and really glad you have Skype. I didn't get to Skype with my kids this Christmas, but it's still a wonderful thing.

michelle said...

Thanks Ginger....we are so grateful for Skype and I'm so grateful for my amazing family both near and far. Truly feel very blessed.

Jason said...

Love the pics!