Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not So Mini Anymore

Hard to believe my mini-me is 11 years old! I know I look way too young to have an 11yr. old. heeeeee!

It has been a week..month really of celebration. School broke up on June 11 for a month break due to the World Cup so Sky had her sleepover/swim (indoor) party early.

The eve of her actual b-day she spent the night out with the team that is here. 60 teenagers around a bonfire worshipping God and eating Smores...was a no brainer for me when she asked if she could go.

Customary Franzenfam tradition holds that the birthday Franzen chooses their b-day meals, starting with breakfast in bed. Well, Sky was not in her own bed however I did make the requested homemade cinnamon rolls and sent them with Rich so Sky would have them for breakfast. (I know, I rock).

Later we celebrated at Impact Kids as it was their,"Proudly South African Soccer Party."

Watch here for more photos.

One of her presents along with fellow Americans was the USA Soccer game resulting in an amazing win and advance to the next round. Woo-hoo!

Today we will further celebrate as we watch the Italy vs. Slovakia soccer game live at Ellis Stadium in Joburg. We are sooooo excited...

...and obviously cheering for Italy.

Tomorrow continues her partying with a special date with her best friend...she was sick the day of Sky's party so it's a make-up just the 2 of them.

As you see my girl is well loved and very blessed and I am so glad as she is a loving girl that loves God, loves children, loves South Africa, loves life, and is a blessing to all!

Happy Birthday my Mini- Me that is not so mini anymore! You are a Superstar and I love you with my whole heart!


~Ginger said...

What a blessing to have an amazing 11 year old to call your own! It excites me to know she's loving working with the team.

May she always be a bright light in your life and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Skyler truly is a blessing to all - I'll amen to that! What a wonderful granddaughter.
Trust she & Blake loved the World Cup game (only why weren't you rooting for Slovakia?} That's part of your heritage you know.
Did you decorate the SA cake? I'm now doubly impressed - yes, daughter, you rock!

Sohailah said...

Golly! ELEVEN! Crazy! Looks like you are celebrating ALL of her years... very nice!