Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Failed Attempt

Recently, I attempted to share the story of William Carey with my children. Amazing guy, inspiring story yet the version of his story that I chose was not geared to ages 5- 10. After pushing through one page, I looked up to see my children wilted on the table in sheer boredom.

It was a failed attempt so we quit but not before reading his famous quote, “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God!”

I’ve heard this quote many times before, in fact my Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome quotes it from time-to-time. Yet for some reason these profound words once uttered by the ‘Father of Missions’ struck me differently this time.

Expect great things from God….Attempt Great things for God…..

The first part seems rather easy, daily I expect God’s provision, His protection, His blessing… the fruition of His promises outlined in the Bible. It is the latter portion that seems to bring challenge. Interestingly, William didn’t use the word, “succeed” he used the word “attempt”.
I wonder if our fear of failure, of not succeeding, perhaps of “disappointing God” keeps us from attempting great things for Him?

If completely uninhibited, would we make more attempts? Definitely something to ponder and chat over with the Father. As I do that I will also attempt to find more age appropriate stories of "the Greats" to share with my kiddos. I want to inspire them with other men and women's failures and successes praying they never feel intimidated to make their own attempts!

I'll leave you with a question, 2 actually, that I've been asking myself....

What are you attempting for God today, this week, this year? Is anything holding you back from making these attempts?


Devoted said...

"It is the latter portion that seems to bring challenge. Interestingly, William didn’t use the word, “succeed” he used the word “attempt”.
I wonder if our fear of failure, of not succeeding, perhaps of “disappointing God” keeps us from attempting great things for Him?"

Very well stated! If we were more like children who plunge right in without a thought as to the outcome... we might well do much more! We just have to move and let him bring abut the success. Our love for Him should motivate us, our child like faith keep us moving, and HIS spirit bring about the accomplishment of His will.

Love, love, love your blog!

Susan said...

I am attempting to move out and do/participate in each and every thing that I feel He is placing and has placed before me. It is a wonderful time in our lives because we have the TIME and the health and strength. Also, because I truly believe the time is short I sense that urgency to "redeem the time" and not waste any that He is giving and allowing Mickey & I in our older years.

One of my favorite quote is by Dwight L. Moody "If God be your partner make your plans LARGE."

Leah said...

Lately I've been challenged to give what I have. I find it often isn't what I want to give... while I'd prefer to be working at the youth center down the street, or volunteering to tutor refugees, those aren't opportunities available to me in this season of parenthood.

SO, God showed me I can give what I have.. which is a lot of time with my kids... which means I can help other parents with THEIR kids. So, I'm helping some friends with childcare.

So, while it isn't as inspiring (to me) as William Carey's life, it's what I have to give, which is what I think God wants me giving. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I am attempting to be the "real" me that God intended me to be. I'm working at pealing off the layer and getting to the core and showing others me without fear of failure. Trust me, it's not easy!

Although Susan is older and wiser I have to agree that age is playing a huge part for me. Soon I will be 50 and I'm finding that it's time, time to come clean and just live for Him and get out of my old, stinkin' box.

Heidi Jo said...

today, to be a loving, patient, mother and wife. this week, to make it through without yelling at anyone. this year, to look back and know that i did better than i did the year before.

michelle said...

So much to say in response to your responses. I'm spurred on (is that a word :)) by the honesty and heart heard behind each response. Thank you for all are awesome women that I am privilaged to "know".

Devoted...welcome...I loved your ending comments, so much wisdom stated so well. I copied it down.

candi said...

Awesome! You know...for all the times I've heard that quote, I don't think I've ever noticed the distinction between the "expect" and "attempt". It's kinda got an inherent "grace" built in.
This week I've been encouraging a friend to not give up on her marriage. Please pray that God protects their family and their legacy!

Sohailah said...

Great words. Thank you. Miss you. Love you.