Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rambling yet Making a Whole Lot of Sense

I will admit over the years I’ve increasingly become an American Idol fan. I like the show…am amazed at the undiscovered talent however I’m not much into the music beyond the show (sometimes even on the show).

I’m not sure how it is in America but lately I’ve noticed whether you are a Kelly Clarkson fan or not if you are in any establishment with music playing technology for more than 30 seconds you will hear her latest song.

I forgot my ipod when going to the gym recently and I promise you her song played at least 3 times in the hour I was there.

The interesting thing to me or the explicit depravity of taste is quite apparent to me when hearing Kelly's song. The tune…good…definitely sticks with you the rest of the day…I find myself humming the tune and I don’t even know the words. The lyrics…ridiculous! I mean the main line in the song is "My life would suck without you.” Really…the top grossing AI and that is the best you can do. Sorry, by the way, for using the ya know word. This is a G-rated blog and it is not a typical word in my vocabulary unless talking about a lollipop however there is a means to my rambling…umm point.

So when pondering the horrific means of articulating oneself and the popularity of this song, I decided, hey she just might have a point. Now when I hear the song and/or it gets stuck in my head I sing it to the Lord. After all, doesn’t life suck without Him? Mine would!
(Actually those are the only 6 words I know so it works in my little musical world....the one with me singing, in tune, on stage with a rhinestone studded microphone…although in my MW rest assured I’d be more articulate…oh sorry I’m rambling again)…

I guess there is an upside to everything even ridiculous lyrics. When put in the right context they just might make a whole lot of sense!


Momma Roar said...

I totally get ya!

I haven't heard her song, but now I'm tempted to google it!! But yes, she could find some better words!

I've found myself turning secular song lyrics into praise for my God!! :)

I ramble too - maybe that is why your post made so much sense! ;)

And nope, didn't pose the kids - they found those positions all by themselves. I think my oldest was sitting up watching the clock when he tipped over!! HAHA

Anonymous said...

The whole thing left me clueless since I don't watch American Idol, don't know her or her song.

~Ginger said...

I watch AI, too. I've been blown away with the guest singers this year, especially the young women. Wow, I'm so out of touch with what the world listens to and when I hear and see these girls I'm sick! Their appearance is frightful and their songs are not edifying. I cring at the thought of the kids listening to this junk!

On a side note, did you convince your family to let you be the wedding singer? I'm sure Rich could vlog it for you to share ;)