Friday, April 10, 2009


Being this is my 300th post (wowza, have I really been blogging that long) I figured it should be an unforgettable Franzenfam post.

Not that anything else could be more unforgettable than the day Christ set into motion a life-saving plan for each and every person on earth! However this Truth became an unforgettable reality once again for the Franzenfam and I’d love to record it in the blog journals!

It happened a few days ago…we were meandering through a seemingly normal day, on our way to Jimmy Jungles for an afternoon of fun with the kids when one of those life-altering conversations began.

I am not even sure how the topic of conversation arose but our normal kid banter turned to a discussion about Good Friday, Easter and what Christ did for us. In the latter stages of the convo, Skyler began to reminisce, aloud, the day she professed her faith in God and asked Him to be the Lord of her life. I could see Blake was in intense thought when he uttered..

….“Mom, I can’t remember.”

Me: “What can’t you remember, Bay?”

Blake: “I don’t remember saying the prayer

It took me back for a moment as I clearly remember long ago that momentous day when I got to pray that significant prayer with my son. After some more dialogue I could see Blake’s concern and I felt it most important for him to remember the prayer, the day…the moment! I have/had no question as to Blake’s understanding of the Cross, belief in God or even that he has declared Him Lord; however it needed to an unforgettable experience for him.

On April 3, 2009 right there in the car on the way to Jimmy Jungles, I was privilaged to mediate that oh so special and life-altering conversation between my son and my Savior.

So as my 300th post…I am most grateful to my Lord for dying to give us life and that my son with all certainty calls Him “Savior”!

Definitely unforgettable in my book (or blog), Blake’s book and the “Lambs book”!


Rachel said...

Beautiful timing for this Easter Season. Praise God!

Michelle Grace said...

What a wonderful Easter memory to cherish.

Susan said...

Nothing more precious or important than this. I'm so glad he will always be able to look back to that DAY and remember.

Anonymous said...

WOW is all I have to say! All your kids have such a tender heart toward the Lord and His service. They will do great exploits according to the word of God for sure.

They are mighty warriors as are you and Rich.

Leah M said...

Okay, that one made me cry. :) You two are such incredible parents! I need to come over and take some lessons.

Lisa H said...

That is so precious, Michelle! Thanks for sharing that sweet story.

Happy Easter to the Franzenfam! :)

Sohailah said...

So precious. What a great privilege and treat for you... and for him to have a mom and dad like you guys.

love you