Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pretty Precious

When Tori was 3 her favorite imaginary friend was “God”. We have lots of fun memories of her interactions with God. My favorite was when she put him in time-out for fighting with Moses.

Most of her interaction with God as of late comes in way of singing or praying…no more time-outs. However on Saturday when we were getting ready for the wedding and I was curling her hair (not a common occurrence) she asked an interesting question.

Tori: “Mommy, will you make my hair look pretty like this when I marry God?”

Me: “When you marry who?”

Tori: “God”

Me: “Why do you want to marry God?”

Tori: “You said you married Daddy because you love him and I love Jesus with my whole heart.”

Me: (choking back the tears) “I’d be happy to curl your hair!”

Wow, we’ve come a long way from the "time-out" days.

She is pretty (&) precious, my little one!


Momma Roar said...

Oh my, that definitely is pretty precious!!

Lisa H said...

Oh, my. Tears in my eyes just hearing it...too sweet!

Heidi Jo said...

how the heart rejoices in such statements. can you even imagine how heaven stopped and held it's breath as she spoke those words. i can just see Jesus, shusshing everyone...then replaying it for all who were not listening. saying, "see, see how much this little girl loves me?"


Just Mom said...

OK, that just gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling I needed this morning.

What a precious little girl.

Gayla said...

oh! Jesus smiled and laughed and cried and rejoiced as he heard your (and his) sweet girl say that!!! beautiful.

she is lovely... and the braids make me want to sing "the hills are alive..." or actually "high on a hill was a lonely goatherd..." :-) she looks like a lovely swiss miss!!!

michelle said...

Okay your comments are choking me up!

The "Swiss Miss" picture is the doing of my 9 year old...she does her hair WAY better than I do. It is not the wedding pic with the long locks.

Susan said...

Your precious gem has great insight and knowledge that many adults who have know Jesus for years.....we are the bride of Christ. This is the sweetest!!!!
Makes ones heart sing.

She looks beautiful :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW - That's really something! Yes you sure have raised a wonderful little girl who loves God. We love her too she's soooo precious.

P. S. Naturally you got tears out of me but you knew that right. And yes I love the braids. So your other wonderful daughter did them hey?

~Ginger said...

What a little gem! I love the heart of an innocent child.

She's a keeper!

Sohailah said...

wow wow wow. what every parent lives for, I would imagine. Your children must be seeing living relationships in front of them to understand that.

Michelle Grace said...

Oh my goodness. How precious is that!

Kathy said...

That is an amazing story. We have a similar one when our daughter was about four and she told us that she IS God. I love it. Is there anything better than that?