Sunday, November 16, 2008

Turn your Whining into Whoopee..

....Take the 7 Day Sex Challenge!

This might be a good time, while your eyes are poppin' out of your head, to mention this is for MARRIED COUPLES ONLY!
You may have heard this as it is getting major news coverage but what I found amazing is that it made the news here.
Ladies grab your husband because believe me he will want to watch this and Click here for the full scoop!
Rich and I are taking the challenge any other takers?


Anonymous said...

I found this really interesting as our pastor just spoke on how Hollywood would love us to believe that many partners works. HA, that's the devils lie.

There was a report done by Good Housekeeping or a siminlar secular magazine. It reported that the best sex takes place between couples who have been married a long time and are deeply religious. Woohoo! That's Me!

Yes, it's time Christians take back the plan God created and the world is exposed for what it really is, a place for STD and more when sex is out of the marriage bed.

Have a fun week :)

Carol said...

We're in. :)

I did see a report just recently where the pastor that is advocating this was almost attacked by the news reporter. Of course the world takes things completely out of context.

Just Mom said...

"Rich and I are taking the challenge any other takers?"

That borders on TMI, Michelle. LOL.

janell in africa said...

wish we could...I think we'll have to plan this at a future date. Low impact aerobic activity for a bit here. :)

Thanks a million for helping to watch miesha for us. you are a good friend to me!


Heidi Jo said...

oh my! what you won't do in the name of spreading God's word, michelle. you husband is one lucky-- blessed man:0)

Michelle Arnold said...

LOVE that you posted this Michelle! How's the challenge going? :-) Will we get daily updates???

michelle said...

Let's just say it's better than chocolate and fewer calories...actually no calories..actually I am burning calories. Oh yeah baby!