Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Toilet Paper Surprise

I should have posted this yesterday as I am told it was World Toilet Day. I hope everyone did their part in commemorating this very important day.

I was simply grocery shopping and you all know how exciting that can be. Arriving at the TP aisle, I reached for a 9 roll packet of my favorite TP brand (the only non-abrasive kind available here) when I noticed a “free silky pup” inside. You tend to notice free marketing here as it rarely ever happens. Well isn’t that nice I thought…Tori will love her little TP surprise.

As soon as I arrived home and gave Tori the little puppy I realized my blunder. Skyler would surely want one too….she loves stuffed animals and a yellow lab puppy at that. So later I swung by the store to grab another 9 pack with a free stuffed puppy snuggled inside.

Now Tori and Sky would have matching puppies and we’d have comfort at the throne for sometime…right? Wrong….the new problem being they were not matching, one had a pink pillow and the other a blue one. So the arguing over the “girl” puppy began.

What does one do when things like this arise? Well I am sure the right answer would be to sit the girls down and explain how blessed they are thus they should be thankful and not arguing…etc…etc. Wish I could report that I went that route but I'll save that speech for another time. What did I do…yep, bought another 9 rolls of TP making sure there was a pink roll rendering a girl puppy.

27 TP rolls later and the girls have matching girl puppies, Blake gained a “boy” puppy, there is peace and I don’t have to shop for TP for at least a month. Works for me!


Heidi Jo said...

i'd say you covered your butt on that one:0)

Sarah W said...

That's hilarious! I wonder if the "free silky pup" is on it's way into Botswana packaging.......that's our favorite TP too! Good to know that you're "covered" for awhile on the TP department........all for the sake of the kids right? Oh the things we mommies do! :)

michelle said...

Bah...I love potty humor. :-)

Candi said...

Love it!!! The lengths we go to as moms to keep everything "fair" on the home front!!! Love you!

Sohailah said...

THAT is hilarious! I remember when Amy Vu(Yorke) was pregnant with Sam, and she said, "It will be nice to have someone around who doesn't think getting the blue or green cup is punishment" (after her two girls)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try the TP with the puppy since the sex thing didn't work last week! What's coming next week? I can hardly wait to see! just VB