Monday, September 01, 2008

Savoring September

Sept 1 can you believe it… hardly seems possible. Where has the year gone?

As you celebrate Labor Day and a day of rest, we are observing the first day of Spring in the southern hemisphere….albeit the nice warm temps we had a week ago have turned to biting wind and chilly temps again…so sad!

September is a month met with forthcoming anticipation! For it holds many joyous events. We will welcome a new niece into the Franzen and Kjellstrom family…hopefully very soon. One of my dearest South African friends will bear twins the latter part of the month. Rich inches one year closer to 40 and in a mere 20 days my brother, sis in-law and 4 kids will be on African soil with the Franzenfam for a 2 week visit! YEAH!!!

So many things to look forward to that I am sure will be here and gone before we know it. Makes me want to slow down and take them all in and enjoy every moment….I want to savor September!

How about you…anything you want to savor this month?


Heidi Jo said...

i want to savor the cooling evenings and warm afternoon suns. i want to savor the days of walking the kids to school before our winter weather and gear make it impossible. i want to savor evenings around the fire pit.

so much to love about september here...even though we're seasons apart!

Momma Roar said...

And not just September, but the year 2008!! Wowzers! :)

I want to savor the smell of fall and the changing leaves - so beautiful here on the east coast.

Anonymous said...

It's almost David's birthday, too. I'm just enjoying walking during September before I end up in a cast in October :(

A friend of mine is doing a three month stay in Africa. They had a brush fire and it took out everything. He was slightly burned, but helped many locals to safety. God was there and protection was all around.

Penless Thoughts said...

Sound like wonderful times for you. I think October is my favorite month. September in Oklahoma is usually still hot.....not so this year and we are having a nice rain and temps in the 70's today. Remains of Gustov.

Just Mom said...

I want to savor every moment of every day I have with my family.

Lisa H said...

You do have lots to look forward to!

I'm with Just Mom--I just want to savor my family and truly enjoy this season of very small children! :)

nickernoodle said...

Sept. 12th is our 10th anniversary!!!! I love September....its my fav. month of the year. I love fall but am always sad when summer ends. It just went by way too fast!!!

Teresa said...

Happy September Franzenfam! I love the quietness of most of September before the big rush of harvest here on the farm. The weather is just beautiful and I am savoring every moment I get to play with the kids outside before the cold sets in.