Saturday, July 05, 2008

A South Amerafrican 4th

When raising children especially from a young age in a culture other than their own it is natural that they would absorb much if not more of the culture they are immersed in than their own. I understand this about my children but there are times it is drastically apparent. The 4th was one of those times.

It became clear that I am a slacker regarding my children’s education about their heritage when my nine year old (who is very bright) asked, “So what is the big deal about the 4th again?” Later while exercising her new found patriotism in making an American flag for the occasion she asked, “How many stars are there on the American flag?”

Yeah, I need to pull out the American history books soon!

We have a small group of Americans here so to celebrate the big day we organized a hot dog dinner (one of my least favorite meals of all time!) and a kickin’ bonfire with Smores. Nope no fireworks--too dry & quite anticlimactic compared to the good ole USA!

Everything had a South African flare to it...from the cold weather (thus the bonfire), to Smores made with Marie biscuits (they call cookies, biscuits here), Cadbury Chocolate bars and colored/flavored marshmallows (no plain white marshmallows).

We were so intent on making the biggest bonfire possible we did not take into account how difficult the blaze would make getting even arms length to roast the marshmallows……

A few brave souls risked the flames for a gooey dose of sugar....

The rest of us enjoyed the warmth until the blaze waned and then enjoyed African Smores…..

After singing patriotic songs to commemorate the occasion, my South African raised child decided to venture back to her culture of immersion. Skyler perched herself on a large rock and attempted to teach 22 teenagers the South African National anthem…..

It was a memorable South Amerafrican 4th of July!


Lisa H said...

That is one HUGE bonfire! I can't believe that!

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Yummy s'mores....I didn't even think to have s'mores yesterday! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like ya'll had a good time. Leave it to Skyler (the teacher) to teach them something new.

michelle f said...

And for the record the African smores are pretty good (or perhaps it has just been so long since I've had a real smore).

The Marie buiscuits are thin, round, light cookies similar in taste to animal cookies and the Cadbury chocolate rocks. As for the pink marshmallows well they are not so nice. :-)

Karenkool said...

I remembered spending the 4th of july in india one year and we were allowed to use a restaurant kitchen to make homemade spaghetti... something none of us had ever done before and the ingredients were hard to find--haha. But singing the national anthem on that day was a moving experience.

we skipped the fireworks this year, as we did last year.

Your bon fire was amazing!

Anonymous said...

We just had a fire the other night and I thought ours was huge. You out did us!
Glad you enjoyed just a bit of American tradition and heritage.

gaylafriend said...

HUGE fire! that was hilarious.

after fireworks on the 4th i sang our national anthem for my family- including my father in law visiting from down under, and then i sang the australian one as well, just for good measure. australians don't even know their anthem- they usually think it's waltzing matilda. :-)

Just Mom said...

Wow. When you celebrate, you really celebrate.

Love those Cadbury bars. My favorite is the fruit and nuts. It's an acquired taste.

Momma Roar said...

"We were so intent on making the biggest bonfire possible we did not take into account how difficult the blaze would make getting even arms length to roast the marshmallows……"

This just made me ROFLOL when I saw the picture!!!

I like your new missions blog too!