Sunday, April 13, 2008

My True Face

Sorry my Wordless Wednesday turned into Wordless Week. I did not intend to leave you in wonder. I am sure you’ve been losing sleep (hee).

There were many guesses to the true tale of my face and although the face-off facts were inconclusive, they were hard to read while keeping a straight face.

Nope not a face of anguish from mowing the lawn….it is something I just don’t do. Birth brought about more of a game face. I appreciate the extra prayers coming my way at the thought I was red in the face. As for my artistic flare well that would bring on a more perplexed face and math a definite blank face. Glad no one gave me a slap in the face. And I loved how my much needed face-lift photo brought on a meme (even though I don’t like memes but Susan for you I will do it) and a few dental comments. I hope this didn’t cause anyone to lose face and if after reading this you’ve been faced with confusion take a look at Wednesday’s comments.

It is time to face up to the truth as I am sure this post is leaving you blue in the face. An uncontrollable urge comes over me when I am face-to-face with this adorable face……..

…and squeezing those little cheeks is sure to turn my long face any day! Yep that is the truth about the silly face photo.

Well with my poker face revealed I hope you are no longer in wonderment but that things are now as plain as the nose on your face!


michelle f said...


Momma Roar said...

I just have to *face* the facts that you just set me straight! :-D

Anonymous said...

Even though it was not your face that I saw in church, I still have to say that you one of the nicest faces to face me every time I face your blog.

Face it, you're a face to remember and I hope to see you face to face someday.

gaylafriend said...


Tamara B. said...

"Face" it you have a way with words! :0)

Beth said...

Now that you mention it, that face perfectly depicts the squeezing of sweet, cute cheeks.

Next time you should offer a prize for the correct guess . . . with 10 or 12 more guesses, I'm sure I would have got it. : )

Lisa H said...

You are too funny! (Face it, I'm not witty enough to come up with a cute comment!) :)

Just Mom said...

OK. Now I'm making that face.

Anonymous said...

I knew I wasn't the only one that liked squeezing cheeks. before I read the blog, I saw the pic of Tori and thought "she looks just like Michelle when she was that age - i just want to squeeze her little cheeks"

your bro