Friday, April 18, 2008

Meaningless Cartoons?

In another interesting conversation with my boy that must be logged for recollection….

Blake: "I know what happens when we die?"
Me: quite intrigued to hear the answer as you never know what will come out of this 6 year olds mouth. “Oh yeah, what?”
Blake: “Our spirit leaves our body and goes to heaven.”
Me: very impressed… “That is exactly right Blake!”
Blake: "You know where I learned that?"
Me: Curious yet hopeful…. "At church?”
Blake: "Nope, from Tom and Jerry"

I knew there was a catch! Apparently there is a scene where Tom’s “spirit” leaves his body and makes its way to heaven.

And I thought it was just a silly, meaningless cartoon!


Lisa H said...

Well, at least he learned it somehow! :) HA!

Tamara B. said...

Very cute. I love the way children think. Thanks for sharing that story.

Just Mom said...

LOL, big time.

Karenkool said...

Did he tell you that tom had eight more lives after that?

gaylafriend said...


nickernoodle said...

I knew I liked Tom and Jerry for a reason!

Heidi Jo said...

gotta love tom & jerry.

Penless Thoughts said...

I got to meet another missionary couple to Africa on our trip. They are personal friends of our niece and husband and "happened" to arrive in the U.S. the same day we arrived. God is soooo good!!!!

Loved your conversation with your son. God can, and often does, use anything!