Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Transformer has transformed into a 6 year old boy!

We had Blake’s birthday party this weekend and can you guess the theme? Let me give you a hint….

Technically his birthday falls on the 21st however if we wanted Papa Prime around we’d have to celebrate early. He has transformed into a world traveler as of late.

Blake and his 9 Autobots enjoyed a myriad of themed games and of course a visit from a rather large boy they termed, Decepticon. That would be Rich with a bad guy mask on….his fate entailed 9 boys and Tori bombarding him with water balloons. I must admit it was rather amusing to watch!

My favorite part was watching our 3 year old girl, Tori play every game, traipse around with all the boys and adorn herself in an Optimus Prime mask. She was determined not to miss out and if it meant doing boy things than so be it.

Got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to transform into something else whenever you wanted...a car or a really skinny body…hee. What would you transform into?


nickernoodle said...

I would transform into somewhere WARM!!!! Love the party and I too do themed b-day partys. I believe in making a big deal out of birthdays, its the one day I can celebrate just them!!!! Go Tori, you can keep up with the best of them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Transformer costume and all. I see the little transformer but where is the big guy?
You don't need to transform into skinny - you already are.
I'd transform into a healthy, thin (old) person.

Teresa said...

WOW! I love how you do bday parties at your house. Last year Hunter loved seeing the pics of Blake's Star Wars bday and he wants a Transformers party this year as well. So fun!

Lisa H said...

I think you might throw the best birthday parties in the world! Looks like they all had a blast!

Vern said...

how did you put all those pictures on the cake - masterpiece? Please post a pic of Rich all dressed up.

Heidi Jo said...

i forgot that he and olivia shared birthday's. i can't really steal your fabulous birthday theme's, as she wouldn't find the humor in it.

i'd transform into a victoria secret model.

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

What, no slide show this year? I'm so disappointed. Last years was great.

Happy birthday to a great kid! Too, bad my husband couldn't come play. He LOVES transformers.

Yes, I want to transform into the younger version of me, hehe.

gaylafriend said...

happy b-day blake!

as for transforming... i'd transform into the fittest body i could manage at this age and go run a marathon.

Just Mom said...


you know what? i don't think i'd transform in to anything different. i like me. i might transform my wardrobe, though. :-D